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Callista & Logan: My Steamy Writing

I make it no secret that I love steamy romances. I read, write and breath steamy romance. This is the story that started it all. In 2007 I was laid off of work and decided to be a house wife for awhile. After cleaning every inch of my home and impatiently waiting for my daughter to come home from school, I soon realized I needed a hobby to pass the time. I came across a Cafemom group of writers who shared their erotica stories. From then on I was inspired to write my own.

Lately I've been drawn to go back to my unfinished stories. I've re-read this one and I think I know where the last chapter is going to go. For a long time now I was at a dead end with this story. I think because I really needed some other conflict besides Callista not wanting to marry right away. So I'm happy to say I'm about to write the final chapter! But for now, I'd like to invite you to read what I do have written. 

Please note, this story is very explicit. If your uncomfortable, with children or other company, or are otherwise prudish, you probably don't want to read on.

If the above doesn't apply to you, I invite you to read:


Her plane ride was uneventful. She had slept most of the 
way so she didn't have to endure the cheap movie 
they played. Callista quickly gathered her belongings at 
the terminal and hailed a taxi. 

"Fifth street please." yes Ma'am. 

She wondered if they would recognize her. It had been years 
since she had left her family to attend college in London. 
But returning home was something she needed right now. 
She had fallen into a rut since catching her boyfriend in bed 
with another woman. Flashes of her ex raced through her 
mind as she remembered how she had found them. All she 
could see was the slut's ass in the air and the unmistakable 
sounds of a blow job in progress. But she couldn't think of 
that now. She desperately needed to see familiar faces. 

"Stop right here." She said as she saw the old restaurant. 

"Here ma'am?" the taxi driver replied. 

"Yes, thanks." As she leaped from the taxi with a grin on her face. 

As she walked into the Greek restaurant she could see nothing 
had really changed. The waitresses wore the same outfits and 
the decorations hadn't moved since she had left. In the back 
of the restaurant she saw who she was looking for. The pair was 
older now. More gray hairs appeared in their hair. She seemed 
a little shorter. Perhaps because she wore flat dress shoes instead 
of heals. He looked the same. Tall and slightly muscular; he 
towered over his guests with a friendly Greek manor. 
As their gaze met, Callista gave a sigh of relief. 

"Mama, Papa, I'm home" she said. 

Leaving the restaurant in the capable hands of their staff, the 
family decided to leave for their farm. The farm was a 2 story 
cottage surrounded by 75 acres of natures blissful woods located 
just outside the city. She was eager to see the farm; especially 
her horses. 

"Callista, did you know Logan's house caught on fire yesterday" 
her mother said. 

"What! How did that happen?" Callista shrieked. 

"Oh it was an old house. The wiring caught fire. No one was 
hurt but Logan is homeless. So he's coming to live with us. I 
expect he'll be arriving at our house shortly." her mother replied. 

Good, Callista thought as she recollected how they had parted. 
They had been childhood friends. After high school, Logan 
had wanted Callista to stay at the farm and attend community 
college with him. But she knew London gave her a chance in 
a lifetime and she wouldn't sacrifice that for a boy; no matter 
how special he was to her. 

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