Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introducing The Wiccan Pen

I had previously made a blog for a story of mine called Beating Down the Devil. I've largely ignored the blog since then because that story is not one I work on often. However I'd like to share more of my writing. So I have renamed that blog, The Wiccan Pen. I will strive to post at least once a week on that blog. If you enjoy my writing I encourage you to follow me there.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is the Purpose of Ritual?

Simon Howden @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
So I've been thinking about the age old rift between Traditional Wiccans and Eclectic Wiccans. Traditional Wiccans accuse Eclectics of "making things up" or being too relaxed during ritual. Then of course Eclectics are made to feel like we're the black sheep of the family.

So lets ask ourselves, what is the purpose of ritual? Is it to follow to the letter what Gerald Gardner and other mentors taught? Should we require our rituals to never evolve?

The purpose of ritual is to connect with Deity or Universal Energy. We connect to Deity by a series of actions that are symbols of our faith and bring out our emotional bond with this energy.
If you need a drawn out ceremony to do that, then great. If you prefer a shortened ritual, that's great too. Often it is the purpose of my ritual that makes me decide on whether I want a short simple ritual or a long drawn out intricate ritual. Again, it depends on my feelings at the time. Intuition guides me when planning my ritual and altar.

When I began my Pagan journey I had many people offering advice. Most of them would hand me books to read on traditional witchcraft. Things must be so so for it to work, etc... I felt I was lost in this path because I just didn't feel the connection I was told I was suppose to have. Then a friend of mine and mentor said, hey if its not working, change what you're doing. Do what your intuition is telling you to do and you'll never go wrong.

Since that day I've followed their advice and its never led me wrong. If traditional rituals are just motions and does not bring out emotion in you, try something that does speak to you. 

Have you ever felt like you're the "black sheep" of the Pagan family?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tonights Altar

I just wanted to give you some pictures of my altar tonight. I don't always do full moon rituals. Yeah yeah probably bad of me. I'm a busy mom though and sometimes I don't feel like being the High Priestess and baby wrangler/mom at the same time. I literally had a baby on my hip while trying to light sage tonight. Thankfully my daughter is a good helper. We also figured out halfway in that we could use Wyatt's high chair and we was relatively satisfied just looking and once in awhile, ringing the bell. Hey he wanted to help too!

My objective was two-fold tonight. Say a prayer for a friend of mine who is afraid cancer has come back, and do a wishing well. I am horrible at manifesting a reality when it comes to my own life. That really needs to change. So the small cauldron in the middle is filled with salted water, a pentacle, and a ring because it fell in by accident. If something happens by accident, I figure its divine will so I leave it. The tarot cards represent where I am in life at this moment and where I want to be in the future.

OK so the pictures.

The full altar

The cauldron with our wishes.

The candle in the center is for Chester. Healing light being sent his way!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Songs of Spring

One of my favorite times of the year is when we are on the cusp of spring. I know we probably have a month or two left of cold weather, but today feels like a brisk spring day. As I was walking to the mailbox to mail out a resume' (Wish me luck!) I heard the sounds of birds chirping. I'm not even sure what kind of birds they are, but they always bring me great peace each time I hear them.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Somehow they are saying, "All is right with the world." I love that their song brings peace to my soul. I wish I could sit outside and meditate to the birds today, but it's just too cold and too many people around to do that. So here's the next best thing. An hour of bird chirping on Youtube. Perhaps you'd like to meditate with me?  ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

PBP: Recommend Pagan Books


Prompt: Just one book

If you could recommend just one book to a newcomer, what would it be?

Alright, we all know that's not very fair. So you can share up to 3 books that you feel all people looking to explore Paganism should read.

As a reader and writer it's hard to limit my suggestions to just three. But I'll certainly try. 
1.  The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. While this series is fictional in tale, it gives us good insight into human interaction and how energy flows. 

2. Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. I recommend this book especially for anyone incorporating Native American shamanic beliefs into their path. This book teaches us about how to interpret signs we find in nature. It has a detailed description of each animal and what magick they bring into our life.

3. Scott Cunningham
Cunningham books are my go to author for newbie Pagan books.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Passing Time with Clay Crafts

I know it's been awhile since I blogged. I've had a few things to talk about but not one singular topic I thought would really make a great blog post.

Lord & Lady gifted to Magaly of Pagan Culture.
First of all I've finished some crafts. I sent some things to Magaly from Pagan Culture. She thought the Lord's horniness was funny. Hehe. Well he is a Lord is he not? Along with the figurines, I sent her book she recently won from me and some herbs. You should check out her post, A Fat Candle for Old Man Winter, for a wonderful cleansing infusion recipe.

Elder Futhark Runes.

I finished clay runes that I took to Inanna's Spiritual Center to sell. I also made a new set that I just have to finish making a bag for so I can mail them to another friend of mine. I think most of my art end up becoming gifts for friends. Which is perfectly fine. Honestly I don't craft to make money. I enjoy making things because it keeps me busy and gives me a bit of "me" time.

Speaking of me time, I may not have so much of it. On Wednesday I had a job interview for a deputy clerk position. I think the interview went well but there was a huge turnout for the job. They said 60 people was in their interested list. Out of that number I don't know how many got interviews, but I'll either get a letter saying thanks but no thanks or I'll get a phone call soon with the job offer. Honestly I don't know which one I'm rooting for. On the one hand it is a dead end job. Their one major question was why do I want to work for so little pay? Probably not a good sign is it? There is no upward mobility however there are benefits and a possibility of yearly raises.

On the other hand, we need the income. I will really miss my kids and if I were to get the job Sierra would probably have to go back to regular public school. She's done well with K12 and I really don't want her education to suffer by going back to a brick and mortar school. They have very low test scores. I looked them up and they are getting 45%. Passing is 75%. So yes it is a really really bad school! In the end all I can say is, whatever is best for my family is what should be. Sierra happily performed her own mini ritual the night before the job interview. I was proud of her, with daddy's assistance she led a wonderful uplifting ritual. It's wonderful seeing my little witch-let blossom. :)

Wyatt is talking more but I think he should be farther along than he is. Once in awhile he will say a few words clearly. Then the next minute he's babbling. I may end up having to take him to a speech therapist. I'll wait till after his second birthday to do that.

Well goodnight and Blessings, Light, and Love dear readers.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Witch of Howling Creek Blog Party: Spiritual Spring Cleansing

WOHC blog party
As the days become brighter and longer it is a good time to physically as well as spiritually cleanse our home. This is a renewal of energy. We all know that air can become stagnant. So can energy.

I'm not opposed to chemical cleaners when nothing else works, but for spiritual cleaning purposes, lemon and vinegar are my go to cleaners. I don't usually measure when I mix this. However if you need to measure:
  •  1 full lemon or two tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar

You can buy bottled lemon juice for this purpose, but I buy lemons and juice them myself. I don't know why but I think some citric acid is lost in the bottling process. Anytime I've bought bottled lemon juice it doesn't seem to be as acidic. If you don't like the scent of lemon, add essential oils. Lavender is another great cleansing scent. While you are physically cleaning your home, feel the energy in your home and focus on it being renewed. It also helps if you can open the windows and doors while cleaning so fresh air can circulate.

Baking soda is also another great cleaner. I'm sure we've all done the add to laundry trick. You may also know about putting a teaspoon in a dirty pan, fill with water, and boiling it. This also works with vinegar, but it gets a bit stinky if you use that. So I stick with using baking soda. After you've boiled the dirty pan for a few minutes stuck on food comes right off. 

For your floors, yard, and garden, Tea tree oil is great for killing pests such as fleas. Another great natural alternative to killing fleas and worms if ingested is food grade Diatomaceous Earth. You can sprinkle this on your lawn or garden to keep pests away. Put it in your dogs food to kill worms and sprinkle it on their fur. Warning: It can cause dry skin because it literally sucks all moisture away. Alternatively, I have put it down on icy walkways in the winter. It works and there are no problems if your dog happens to get it on their paws.

What are your favorite all natural cleansing recipe's or products?


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,