Monday, August 26, 2013

New School Year, New Approach

Sierra at recess today.

So today marks the first day my daughter attends 6th grade with K12's Ohio Virtual Academy. This is her second year with them. Last year she came in late, in September, and we were constantly feeling like we were behind. I also had problems with my daughter goofing off behind my back.

Wyatt loves playing at the park.
This year I vowed to not repeat last years mistakes. So we've made a couple changes. First of all, coming in at the beginning of the year is a huge help. I know that if we get our five hours (minimum) done each day we are on track. Today we logged ten hours just because she had completed a few things before the actual school year began that I could not credit till the first day. 

I also blocked all other websites besides educational ones using a program called K9 Web Protection. She needs my password (which she does not know) before she can go to other websites. Less goofing off means we are done earlier in the day, and then both mama and child is happy.

Of course there is the usual first day glitches. Her class connect didn't want to open for us today. After clearing the cache' we finally got it working, and we were able to "meet" her teachers and learn about what is expected of us this year.

For those parents who are interested, or are just starting your K12 journey, do you have any questions I can answer? 

 You can ask them here, or go to my Cafemom's K12 Virtual Academy Group.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ritual: Wants vs. Needs

Do you do ritual only when you need something? This is kind of the equivalent of someone who only calls family and friends when they want something. I try not to do that, in either case.

Image Source (Not a picture of my bell. It's just similar)
Yet I'm faced with wanting to do a bit of magick in the near future. I'd do it tonight but I'm not fully clear on what I'm doing yet. I have this pentacle with bells hanging from it that I've had in my car for years. I consider it my safety talisman.

We've had some things going on with our cars and stuff related to transportation. Not good things either. A lot of it is our own fault and I fully take the blame. Yet I'm not quite sure how we are going to dig ourselves out of the hole we've made.
So I know I want to bring the pentacle inside and work a little magick with it. It definitely is over due to charge it.

Do you keep something in your car as a safety measure? More than once that bell has rung to remind me to be aware. Usually it was right before some idiot ran a red light or something. If I hadn't been aware, I may have been in their way.


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