Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Consider Pagans Conservative or Liberal?

Some recent events has made me re-evaluate some assumptions and stereotyping I've made about Pagans. I know, you can't generalize any group and have a true view of that groups dynamic. Were all individuals and we vary so much in beliefs. But I've always considered Pagans to be more liberal and/or accepting of others. I'm not just talking politically either. I'm talking about life choices such as parenting styles, sexuality, and various other taboo topics.

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In your opinion, do you think Pagans are more conservative or liberal? 

Do you consider yourself to be conservative or liberal? 

 I'm definitely more liberal. I don't care what kind of parenting style you have as long as its not harmful to the child and it works for you. I don't care what your sexuality is as long as its not harmful to others and is consenting. I understand some tenants of Republicans and respect their opinion while also respectfully disagreeing. I've always thought that if we are going to live in a society that is close nit, we need to work together to help the whole and not just out to help ourselves.

I've added a poll to the right asking this question. Please vote and then you can expand on your answer in the comments section of this post.

Friday, April 27, 2012

No Follow Through

So yesterday I talked about the financial gain candle magick I did. My husband had gotten a phone call for a job interview. He was interviewed over the phone and unfortunately they said he "isn't qualified" because we live so far away. Shouldn't it be our business whether its worthwhile to drive a certain distance to get to a job? And isn't it enough that we've explained that drive would be temporary since once he got the job we'd look for housing closer? How are we suppose to get ahead of no one will give us a chance?

Here we are, on state assistance. We are doing our best to get off of it. We are doing the job searches, DH works so we get cash assistance at Goodwill. Which btw is little more than slave labor. If you miss even one day they take the cash and food stamps away for an entire month. I personally think if they want you to work they should treat it like a job. No employer would get away with taking your whole paycheck away for one day of missed work!

But anyway. I was very bummed yesterday. As the day progressed I just kept getting angrier and angrier until I had to reach out to a fellow Pagan momma and let her talk me of an edge. Because I was seriously thinking of doing a bad witchy magick against DH's ex-boss. He was fired unjustly and I know I should forgive and forget and let Karma do her thing. But its so hard. Especially when DH seems to be unhirable by anyone.

We really need to move closer to jobs for better opportunities. But without money to do that (and we can't get state housing) its just not possible. I need a magical break! I'm trying any mundane and magical way I can. So far all my attempts fail. Maybe we are suppose to be here. I don't know. I know my mother wishes we'd move back to Kentucky. But going backward is not the answer. We are meant to be in Ohio. Even after all this, I still believe that.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keep Candle Magick Simple

Hi Everyone! I know its been a bit since I've wrote. I've noticed there a few more people following my blog so a big wave and hello to them.

Last night I did a little mini spell again. Just a green candle, some herbs that represent change and/or financial gain, and a few simple words. I let my husband write it. I sort of chastised my husband for making it so simple. It went something like... You know what we want, help me!
Not those exact words but you get the point Dh was trying to make.

Do you find that its beneficial to keep rituals simple? Or do you need more elaborate rituals? I like a combination of both. Since I wasn't inspired by words yesterday, I had to let DH come up with it. It seems to have worked. I got a call for Dh today about an application he put in last week. DH was at "work". When I say work I mean the states version of slave labor. He's assigned a job by the state so we receive TANF. The thing is he works basically a full time job for pennies. But that's going off on a completely separate issue.

I took the cell phone and the phone number up to DH so he could call them on his break. So hopefully he will have an interview and possibly a job soon! Though the job is located 2 hrs away. We would have to move, which I don't mind if he gets the job.

I hope this all falls into place. I still have the candle and herbs. When DH comes home I will burn a little bit more of it again to keep the positive energy going.

Another point, when you go to blow out a candle, if it doesn't blow out do you leave it going? I always view that as a sign that it doesn't wish to go out yet and I let it burn. My tools all have a mind of their own sometimes. ;) Yesterday I went to blow the candle out when we were preparing to do the dishes. I was blowing right over top of it and it wouldn't go out, so I just left it alone till later. When it did go out, I was able to blow it out at a distance fairly easily.

In what ways do you keep your craft simple?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Wish...

I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish my wishes would come true tonight! Haha. Yeah I use to wish upon a star as a kid a lot! I remember when my parents were driving home at night I would look up at the stars and feel the moon and stars energy. I would silently wish for things - things I knew I'd never have.

Fast forward to now, and my night time routine is a little bit more dull. I mostly stay awake thinking my son is going to wake up any minute anyway so I browse the internet finding interesting things to look at. Nothings changed about making wishes I know won't come true however.

The other night I was on Youtube and found corset training weight loss. Now, I've always thought corsets were a thing of the past unless you wanted to give your significant other a wild night. Evidently, I was wrong.

Some people are wearing corsets full time to shape their torso into a more womanly figure. Some are going too far until they look just plain sick. Others have defined their waist into a lovely v shape which I envy.

Honestly if I had the money to shell out on a custom corset, I'd be tempted in trying it. I've watched a lot of informational videos on waist training and visited a few other websites. All have said for plus sized girls like myself, its possible to loose a significant amount of weight in a matter of months, but ultimately corset training should take years.

Sigh.. maybe one day.

But you know what, You could get your wish! Or at least, one wish. There's only a few short hours till my blog giveaway will have a winner. Enter NOW!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Only My Daughter

Today all of us went to the YMCA. Just Sierra (my daughter) and me were swimming. Father and son played out in the hall and watched. I noticed when Sierra got close that she had makeup on. This wouldn't have been a problem if I also didn't know that she hadn't had time to put it on after school before we left the house. So I ask her, "When did you put eyeshadow on?" She told me on the bus. Her friend had some. Hmmm. My detective mommy brain goes into suspicion mode. So I asks, before school or after school? Well of course she said in the morning. We have a rule in this house. She's allowed to wear makeup only at home. My mother had the same rule when I was my daughters age. When Sierra is in 6th grade then she'll be allowed to wear makeup (tastefully) at school. Sierra is only 10 and in 4th grade.

After giving the speech about doing wrong and when she can were makeup at school, she starts asking if she could please please please wear makeup at school because everyone else does. No my darling dear. I know you really want to, but no you may not!

But I had to smile. I remember when I was her age. Oh  yes dear daughter, I know all the tricks of the trade. I wore makeup before my mother was ready to see it on me too.

And then she does another thing that reminds me she's my daughter. Getting ready to leave the YMCA, she's in the bathroom stall next to me and I hear a plop and then she starts crying. Somehow, someway, she fell off the toilet seat. Silly silly girl. It's probably my fault she's so clumsy. I was too at her age. She's ok, just has a sore bottom. But I couldn't stop myself from laughing a little.

I've come to realize that motherhood has turned me into a prude. There was a young couple kissing and hugging and otherwise doing "young love" kind of things. I saw my daughter watching them and suddenly I wanted that couple to stop. I've never been uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Hell I was that couple when I was young! And doing much more naughty stuff than that couple was doing. But thinking of my daughter who will be a teen in just a few short years, I'm ready to embrace my mommy prudish morals!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Is Why I'm a Minister

There's lots of talk going around the blog-o-sphere about an article written by Deborah Castellano on Witchvox.com addressing Pagan Ministers. Evidently this writer thinks all Pagan clergy are out to make a buck and gain notoriety. Several Pagan clergy such as Lady Caer Morganna from The Wiccan Life have shown that Pagan clergy are not looking out for their own gain. As a matter of fact many Pagan clergy work for free.

I am ordained by the Universal Life Church. I sought ordination because I was doing a lot of spiritual counseling. My ordination protects me legally. I do not, never have, and never will charge for my services. Even if I were to start doing weddings, I would not request a fee. A donation would be nice, but not required.

I use to participate in the ULC.net forum often. I was on there almost all of my free time several years ago. It's where I offered my support, knowledge and love to anyone who needed it. Yesterday I checked the board, something I haven't done in a long time, and I replied to one post with just a link to information someone was looking for. But another long-time member saw my post and commented that they had missed me. I received this lovely email today, and it's certainly brightened my day and shows exactly why I am Pagan clergy. If gratitude is the currency of my ministry, then I suppose I'll gladly admit I'm in it for that payment!

One of my long term friends on the board, Rev. Dave, sent me this message today.

I don't know if I ever told you how much it meant to me when my granddaughter got scalded and you were the first one on these boards to offer, not only your moral support, but herbal advice, and help in knowing what to expect from DHS. You really helped us during a tough time. Thank you so much!
That is why I am Rev. Robin LC. To help others however I can. I don't want money, I don't want to "know it all." I do it because I have a need to help my fellow man.

I hope articles like Ms. Castellano's does not push people away who need help from Pagan clergy. Pagan clergy have a genuine desire to help people. We spend our time learning new things because we wish to be prepared in the event that knowledge would be useful in our ministry. Unlike mainstream religious ministers, we have people from all walks of life come to us. Not being educated on other faiths could be the difference between talking someone off a ledge or not being able to help.    

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reflection Of Me

“When you're a beautiful person on the inside, nothing in the world can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.” ― Sasha Azevedo
  One of the pivotal times in my life is when someone said these words to me. I remember I was sitting in my living room crying over something. I don't remember why I was crying but my husband (At the time we were not even dating) came in and he saw me before I could hide my tears. Of course he asked what was wrong and eventually got me to admit I didn't feel beautiful and had little self-worth. Then he said, "Robin, if you don't love yourself no one else will. You should be the most important person to you." 
Those words really changed my life, because before then I had always measured my self worth by how others treated me. Since most people treated me like a mangy stray dog, needless to say I really had a low opinion of myself. 
Looking back now, I can't believe the person I was back then. I just want to scream at that version of me to hold her head up. Don't apologize so much. Believe in yourself! I want to hug that version of me and tell me it's OK to be different. 
Many Pagan teens go through this. There's a point in their life where its more important to be with the crowd than against it. So I just want to remind those who may be going through something similar to hold your head up and love yourself first. Only when I began to love myself, did I find love in another.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Readers La La Land

Sorry I've been so quiet this week. It's not that I haven't had thoughts about writing. Actually I've been thinking about various topics all week. I was listening to one of my favorite book series all week long. Ever get so into a book that the rest of the world just falls away? Well I'm like that when reading or listening to a book. I get irritated when the world encroaches and I have to stop reading for awhile. I'm still not done listening, but the oldest kiddo is here and some of the scenes aren't for tender ears so I'm taking a short break. I'm listening to the Meredeth Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton. I absolutely love this series. My favorite leading man is Frost. I'd love to have his silver hair cover my naked body!

I've been thinking about my own novel and my hunky men. When I first began the story I called them Gods, and indeed they have some God-like powers. It didn't seem to fit so I began to call them Guardians for a lack of a better term. Eventually I hope I find the right term so I can replace it. But so far nothing better has come to mind. I mean they do Guard humanity from evil. But that's not all they do. Their kind of like the spiritual police. Eventually I'll figure it out. I'm just horrible at writing with any kind of deadline. Thankfully I don't do this for a living! Though it would be awesome if I could.

Speaking of books, have you entered my Blog giveaway yet? NO?! Why not? The book is awesome. Find out the details in my Giveaway post. I have decided that I will sign the book before sending it on to its new owner. I do hope that it can make its rounds in the bogging community. It would be lovely to see how far it goes.

How has your week been? Anything exciting or productive to report?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Giveaway! And The Winner Is....

Welcome to my very first blog party giveaway! Yay!
*Happy dance* 

A few months ago Magaly from Pagan Culture gave away Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I was the happy winner of that giveaway. I've read and loved this awesome book. But I know there are a lot of other readers out there wanting to read more of Ms Kenyon's lovely Dark-Hunter series. So I've decided to pay it forward.

To win this book you can enter by:

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Giveaway ends in two weeks (April 22nd)

Good luck!

 The winner is...

Sandi! Please Email me your shipping details. :) Congrats and thanks to all who entered.

PBP: Inner Peace

Going simple this week.....

What is it?
How do you achieve it?

Keep in mind, every one's answers will be different, that's what makes us human after all... So please, visit your fellow bloggers' posts with an open mind and heart.

Well I think the first sentence has it right. Keep it simple to achieve inner peace! Inner peace to me is figuring out what you absolutely need in life and weed out the rest of life's clutter. So I may really have liked that old high school friend, but if she only ever brings drama into my life, she's not worth the friendship to me anymore. I know a lot of people believe you should stick with a person through thick and thin no matter what. But if that person becomes toxic to me, they just have to go. I'm sorry, but this is my life and I love myself enough to know my happiness must come first.

De-stress. If you can't change it, don't worry about it. Give the problem up to the Lord & Lady and let them worry about it. If you can't or won't do that, at least take life one day at a time. Take steps to reduce your stress such as yoga and meditation.

Make one day a week all about pampering yourself. Or if your married, pampering each other! In our lives we get so busy with what we have to do that we forget to make time for what we want to do. I know our finances have a lot to do with this as well. Put aside a fund for entertainment. Don't short change yourself! All that hard work means nothing if you don't get to play once in awhile. Just because your a grown up doesn't mean you have to stop playing like a child. You just have to learn to balance responsibilities with playtime.

Be creative! Well duh! This is like Salem's advice 101. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. Find a hobby you enjoy. Even if you know nothing about how its done, take classes, search the Internet for tutorials, find some way to learn!

That brings me to another point, never stop learning! Do research. Even if its just a random word in your Google search bar. I find it fun to search for odd things like Sasquatch or learn about history. You'll be amazed at what you can find out there!

And a good old fashioned walk in the park or woods certainly puts me at peace! :)

Blessings, Love & Light


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charging for Psychic Readings

Today I came across a negative comment about a psychic charging for her services. I know there is a lot of opinions about whether psychics are real and whether the ability to do psychic readings should be considered a gift or a service. This post is of course just my opinion, so your going to have to decide for yourself. Bottom line is this, no one forces you to get a psychic reading.

When you go to a psychic you should be completely aware that not all psychics are created equal. The "quality" of your reading will depend on several factors such as the psychics personal ability, training, and even what's going on in the readers life at the time. Many psychics find it difficult to do readings if they are ill or there is something distracting going on in their life. A good reader will recognize when they are not up to doing a good reading and refuse to provide this service until the problem is solved.

In regards to charging for a reading, many people when they see psychics charging automatically assume a psychic is just out to get your money and that their a charlatan. Well if they are charging hundreds of dollars this might be true. But let me ask you this, would you like to be charged for a service you provide? I'm sure you would. Psychics spend their time and energy to find the answers for you. They are just the conduit to the spirit world. That energy flow is exhausting, especially when the psychic is doing a psychic fair. Bottom line is its a service. One that you are not forced to buy. So if your against paying for a reading, don't. But don't automatically assume just because someone charges a small fee for a reading that they are frauds. At the very least consider it time spent with a friendly ear who is willing to let you vent your problems and weigh in on what you can do about it. You pay a lot more for a therapist!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Callista & Logan: My Steamy Writing

I make it no secret that I love steamy romances. I read, write and breath steamy romance. This is the story that started it all. In 2007 I was laid off of work and decided to be a house wife for awhile. After cleaning every inch of my home and impatiently waiting for my daughter to come home from school, I soon realized I needed a hobby to pass the time. I came across a Cafemom group of writers who shared their erotica stories. From then on I was inspired to write my own.

Lately I've been drawn to go back to my unfinished stories. I've re-read this one and I think I know where the last chapter is going to go. For a long time now I was at a dead end with this story. I think because I really needed some other conflict besides Callista not wanting to marry right away. So I'm happy to say I'm about to write the final chapter! But for now, I'd like to invite you to read what I do have written. 

Please note, this story is very explicit. If your uncomfortable, with children or other company, or are otherwise prudish, you probably don't want to read on.

If the above doesn't apply to you, I invite you to read:


Her plane ride was uneventful. She had slept most of the 
way so she didn't have to endure the cheap movie 
they played. Callista quickly gathered her belongings at 
the terminal and hailed a taxi. 

"Fifth street please." yes Ma'am. 

She wondered if they would recognize her. It had been years 
since she had left her family to attend college in London. 
But returning home was something she needed right now. 
She had fallen into a rut since catching her boyfriend in bed 
with another woman. Flashes of her ex raced through her 
mind as she remembered how she had found them. All she 
could see was the slut's ass in the air and the unmistakable 
sounds of a blow job in progress. But she couldn't think of 
that now. She desperately needed to see familiar faces. 

"Stop right here." She said as she saw the old restaurant. 

"Here ma'am?" the taxi driver replied. 

"Yes, thanks." As she leaped from the taxi with a grin on her face. 

As she walked into the Greek restaurant she could see nothing 
had really changed. The waitresses wore the same outfits and 
the decorations hadn't moved since she had left. In the back 
of the restaurant she saw who she was looking for. The pair was 
older now. More gray hairs appeared in their hair. She seemed 
a little shorter. Perhaps because she wore flat dress shoes instead 
of heals. He looked the same. Tall and slightly muscular; he 
towered over his guests with a friendly Greek manor. 
As their gaze met, Callista gave a sigh of relief. 

"Mama, Papa, I'm home" she said. 

Leaving the restaurant in the capable hands of their staff, the 
family decided to leave for their farm. The farm was a 2 story 
cottage surrounded by 75 acres of natures blissful woods located 
just outside the city. She was eager to see the farm; especially 
her horses. 

"Callista, did you know Logan's house caught on fire yesterday" 
her mother said. 

"What! How did that happen?" Callista shrieked. 

"Oh it was an old house. The wiring caught fire. No one was 
hurt but Logan is homeless. So he's coming to live with us. I 
expect he'll be arriving at our house shortly." her mother replied. 

Good, Callista thought as she recollected how they had parted. 
They had been childhood friends. After high school, Logan 
had wanted Callista to stay at the farm and attend community 
college with him. But she knew London gave her a chance in 
a lifetime and she wouldn't sacrifice that for a boy; no matter 
how special he was to her. 

Read the rest of the story on Literotica.com


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,