Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tonights Altar

I just wanted to give you some pictures of my altar tonight. I don't always do full moon rituals. Yeah yeah probably bad of me. I'm a busy mom though and sometimes I don't feel like being the High Priestess and baby wrangler/mom at the same time. I literally had a baby on my hip while trying to light sage tonight. Thankfully my daughter is a good helper. We also figured out halfway in that we could use Wyatt's high chair and we was relatively satisfied just looking and once in awhile, ringing the bell. Hey he wanted to help too!

My objective was two-fold tonight. Say a prayer for a friend of mine who is afraid cancer has come back, and do a wishing well. I am horrible at manifesting a reality when it comes to my own life. That really needs to change. So the small cauldron in the middle is filled with salted water, a pentacle, and a ring because it fell in by accident. If something happens by accident, I figure its divine will so I leave it. The tarot cards represent where I am in life at this moment and where I want to be in the future.

OK so the pictures.

The full altar

The cauldron with our wishes.

The candle in the center is for Chester. Healing light being sent his way!


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