Saturday, December 9, 2017

Yule Ritual

The Quarters

All hail the Northern darkened Earth resting deeply in silence and mystery. I awaken thee and call you here to witness this rite. Join us and be blessed.  [Colors: Brown]

All hail the Eastern skies of wind and storm. Bring with your winds the essence of pine and new growth. Settle here and witness this rite. Join us and be blessed.  [Colors: yellow or black]

All hail the Southern flames. Warm our hearts and bring with you the first glint of light as you witness this rite. Join us and be blessed.  [Colors: Red]

All hail the Western lakes and frozen streams. We welcome your waters as you witness this rite. May your waters soon flow warm and with bounty. Join us and be blessed. [Colors: Blue or yellow]

I invoke thee, o Lord and Lady. I invite you to attend and bless us. Our Circle is cast. (Light Silver & Gold Candles. You may wish to place these candles in a yule log)

On this, the longest winter night, we honor the rest only darkness can bring. We welcome the crone, in her wisdom, as we enter the time our land sleeps in its darkened promise.

For hail and well met, the Sun is reborn this night and brings the birth of new beginnings.

What beginnings do you wish to manifest in your life? The Suns rebirth brings transformation into our lives. Think about how your life can transform from the darkness...into the light.

Each of you, call your spirit guide. Join us and witness and guide us to new beginnings and growth in the coming seasons.

<Each call our guides>
I call the dragonfly whose power is in transformation. Help me to dig deeper into myself and reveal the emotions that lay dormant. I welcome your power of change as I adapt and form into a better version of myself.

If you do not know your guide, as that your guide attend you and reveal themselves. 

As we chase away the darkness so to I ask our troubles to go with the darkness. For with renewed light we have renewed life.

The Yule Tide Wishing Pot

Pick an oil such as pine, frankensense, juniper, sweet orange, or clove. In a large pan combine the oil and 1 cup water. Add orange peel, pine cones, poinsettia flowers, or evergreen needles to the water. (May prepare before ceremony) 

Brothers and Sisters, I ask you now to write one goal and one wish you would like to manifest into your life. Close your eyes and envision yourself manifesting this reality into your life as you place your wish in the wishing pot. (Dig a hole before ceremony in a sacred place)

Place the contents of the pot into the hole and say these words. 

I consecrate these offerings unto they mother's womb. May they bear fruit. Blessed Be.

All hail the Northern Earth, now lightened by the birth of our suns love. I thank you for witnessing this rite. As I release you, go in blessings of love and light.

All hail the Eastern Skies; now calmed and serene. I thank you for witnessing this rite. As I release you go in blessings of love and light.

All hail the Southern flames. As I extinguish your flame, your smoke continues to carry our words here today with you. Thank you for witnessing this rite. As I release you go in blessings of love and light.

All hail the Western lakes and frozen streams. May your waters continue to flow and nurture the land. Thank you for witnessing this rite. As I release you go in blessings of love and light.

I bid you farewell Lord and Lady. Stay if you will, go if you must. Blessings, Love, and Light to all. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

May the Actions I take Today, Bring a Better Tomorrow

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How do your beliefs benefit you and society?

How do your beliefs benefit you and society?

This question was asked by SisterSolome on the ULC.net forum. It's inspired me to think, and to write. 

My first reaction was that my beliefs don't really benefit anyone. I'm not rich because I'm Wiccan. I can't caste a magick spell to win the lotto, no matter how much I've tried! The Universe doesn't work like that. If life were suppose to be easy for me, I'd have been born rich, or led a life that came to that end result. I realized I was thinking in terms of the material however. 

Taking into account the definition of "benefit: as verb (used with object)benefited or benefited, benefiting or benefiting.5.to do good to; be of service to:a health program to benefit everyone.
I have to say that I have certainly benefited. To be of service is certainly something that rings as important in my life. I'm drawn to helping others, to heal when I can, and to help teach. I hope that this blog has been a benefit to others, just as I have benefited from the various Pagan blogs I follow. The love of the Goddess is certainly a benefit for me. She helps guide, protect and comfort me when I need her love.

What about you? What benefit does your beliefs bring to your life and to society? 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Evoking Positive Change: College Bound

Like a butterfly in transformation, I too am changing. That change is for the better I hope. At the end of my journey I hope to be a better wife, mother, and professional person. I've enrolled in college again. When I was a senior in high school, I wasn't like the other students. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up! I had no goals and no hope for the future. All I knew, is that I loved one man and couldn't wait to start my life with him.

I still love that man, but I need something else in my life. I need a career, not just a job. I need to provide for my family with more than just meeting the basic demands of life. I've tried once before and failed, but you know what they say, try try again. So on March 14th, I begin my first classes toward a degree in Health Information Management. 

Working in the HIM field has changed me into a person driven to thrive. It's given me a goal, a purpose beyond just being what I was. I like to help people, and I can do that here in a small way. I owe a lot to one of my very best friends, she has been an inspiration to me and my cheer leader. Thank you Mrs. K. You know who you are. :)

Lets keep the positive energy flowing. What goals have you set for yourself and what actions have you taken to meet them? 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pagan New Year Resolutions

Who doesn't love a fresh new start? That's what's exciting about a new year. Anything can happen! Hopefully new positive change is on its way. Now that you've had a couple days to reflect and recover from the parties, have you reviewed your past resolutions? Did you achieve your goals?

I know some of them I did, some of them I didn't; and that's ok! Just because a year has past doesn't mean there's an expiration date on your goals. They're like roll over minutes. ;) As long as you keep working toward that goal, you're achieving it!

So do you have any spiritual related resolutions? I spoke in my last post about how I felt I was losing myself a bit. 2015 was a hard year for me. Due to severe migraines and suffering a hemorrhagic bleed, I gave up writing. I couldn't stand to look at a computer screen once I got home from work, let alone think of witty, substantial topics to write about. No worries, my brain is just fine. My migraines are under control with medication. I do have to do some testing to see if I have an underlying condition that caused the bleed, but I doubt it will be anything.

What I do have to do, is get back to my old self! Recovering from a brain bleed, however minor, is still a long process. So my first goal, is to get back to writing! I love to write, and I hope that my topics bring something to your life you enjoy.

Secondly , I need to meditate daily. This is something I've been telling myself I don't have time for because of children and a crazy house. But if I can eek out 10 minutes of quiet time it can be done. It doesn't have to be much. :)

3rd and final goal, is to stop being so negative. I think I've become a bit of a grouch. It probably came with the non stop migraines I had for years. Pain can make you bitchy.  I think more positive energy needs to be drawn to this household.

What about you my lovelys? Share with me your resolutions, goals, or just your thoughts.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Inner Strength- Reminding myself to Shine

So long time blog followers would have realized I haven't written much in awhile. That's because I started losing a bit of myself I think. It started by chipping away at my soul, bit by bit. You think you're on solid ground, and then your solid foundation is ripped from beneath your feat and you're left with a happy fucker laughing his ass off that you've fallen.

I work more than the average person does, and that certainly had something to do with this downward spiral. Everything has submerged into one huge breakdown. When I moved to Ohio in 2011, my mother kept my dog (Kota) because I couldn't stand the thought of rehoming her. My idea was to come here, get on my feet, and I'd eventually get her back. However 4 years here and still were not financially stable enough to afford a dog, and Kota's health declined due to her environment and no vet care.

I decided to put Kota into a rescue after seeing how bad she was getting and knowing I couldn't do anything about it. It took her 4 months to heal from staff infections. And I definitely blame myself. My friends and family would have me not do that, but there is no one else to blame. Sometimes  a spade is a spade. I've had dogs my entire life, and I've realized something. None of them lived a natural long life in my care. So I am admitting I'm just not a good pet parent, and deciding not to get another dog. That hurts my heart. Because right now with what I'm going through, the love of a pet could really help.

Last Friday was especially hard when I got the message that Kota was adopted. While it's good that she will now live out the rest of her life being taken cared for and loved, I'm sad that it's not with me.

My health has also declined in recent months. I started to get frequent headaches that come and go. I wear sunglasses more often than not, even on cloudy days and loud noises is my own personal torture chamber.

June 29th I had a mini brain bleed. Neurologist are unsure why it happened. There is likely an underlying reason that still needs to be found out through tests.

For now I'm on migraine medication that's helping. While waiting in line at the pharmacy, a little lightening bug decided to land right in front of my face. Now if that isn't a sign I don't know what is.

Lighting bugs not very exciting as far as totems go, but they remind us that they have an inner strength that makes them shine. And that's what I've always had. No matter what, I've listened to my inner voice to help guide me.

 Throughout this year I've felt something was wrong, even when doctors were telling me it was nothing. Advocating for myself has been a big challenge. It's often hard for me to speak up for myself. I know that I have more challenges ahead. More decisions will need to be made. All I can do, is keep my inner shine. :)  

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Celebration:Hiding the Goodies

Hello Everybody!

I bet you think I jumped off the face of the Earth. Well, I'm here.I decided to go offline for awhile. I'm still off most of the time. I did figure out I can make my phone a hot spot though. Which gives me email, FB and basic internet on my tablet. So good enough. 

Today we are celebrating Easter/Spring Equinox (So other family can be with us) with a little tradition my mother reminded me about. She use to hide our baskets in the house, sit back, and let us kids try to find them. I felt it was torture, she thought it was a morning of hilarity. 

I decided to write a little poem that I will recite to the kids just before I turn them loose in the house to hunt their prey. I hope you like it. 

Dear Children, 

I was reminded that your grandmother was devious. She sat and watched as her children got serious. We pleaded and pried, but no candy was in sight. Oh how I hated your grandmother, alright.
Now my children you see, I’m the mom and its time to play. I get to eat, watch and plan devious ways. For your candy is hidden, and I won’t tell you which way. 
So go find it I say. Look every which way. High and Low, Momma likes it this way. 
No pleading, no prying, no hints for you. Its more devious you see. Don’t forget to thank grandma too.
-Robin LC


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Blessed Be,