Monday, December 31, 2012

The Gauntlet of Change

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Don't be like this guy. Please be safe this New Year! 

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It's hard to believe that we are on the last day of 2012! Can I just say, "WE SURVIVED!"

Not just survived the Mayan end of the world prophecy, but survived all the crazy things happening in our world. Which leads me to think about those who didn't survive, like the people who died in natural and un-natural disasters. I think we can all agree that the Sandy Elementary students and staff lost will always be in our hearts.

We cannot dwell on sad things though. The living must go on. So what will be new in your life? I will continue to work on manifesting good things in my life. I hope that DH will be able to find a better job. I hope that within this new year we will be able to bring my dog Kota home. She's been away from me for far too long.

What I will not be doing is making a New Years Resolution. I think resolutions are just setting yourself up for failure. If you were not willing to change something about yourself at any other time of the year, then you won't change them at the beginning of the year either.

Of course, I do wish all those good luck if you do decide to take up the gauntlet of change. I have thought about trying to loose weight again, but I go back to my belief that if I wasn't willing to change before, I won't now. I think instead of calling it a resolution,  I will say that a good change to manifest for my whole family would be to just be more active. Perhaps do more physical things as a family but not worry about whether we are loosing weight or not.

Will you change anything about your life this coming year? Or are you content to make no New Years resolutions?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Toddler Freeplay

Since I'm talking about parenting styles a lot lately, here is a perfect example. I was making dinner last night. Homemade pizza was on the menu in case you're wondering. Wyatt was getting into a lot of things and being his usual distraction so once I was done with the rolling pin I just handed it to him and a little flour. He had a blast. Take a look. :)

My best advice for any new parents out there, don't worry about the little things. A slightly messy home is probably a happy one. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Have a wonderful Yule!

Everyone have a wonderful Yule! So what are your plans? I'm note sure what we're doing yet. Yes I know I'm a procrastinator. I may spend this evening educating my daughter on the day and perhaps asking what she would like to end in her life, and what she would like to begin.

We spent a few minutes outside throwing a bit of snow around, but it's so windy we couldn't stay outside for long.

Have a very blessed Yule my friends, and thanks for reading my blog!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

How does your spirituality affect your parenting?

A new blog I was introduced to me titled "The Baby, The Mother, and the Goddess". The author of this blog has a question. How does my spirituality affect my parenting?

I just want to say I have a new found respect for all those video bloggers out there. This is the first time I've attempted a video blog, and it wasn't easy! I think I had about 5 takes before I got something even resembling a coherent answer. I'm still not 100% happy with it. I thought it would be fun to try this way though just for the experience. :)

So without further ado, here's the video! Please like and share it and I'd love to hear your answers as well.

How does your spirituality affect your parenting style?

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Years Reflection

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The year is almost over and now is the time when I usually go back through my pictures and writing to see where I've been. Often through reflection I can see where I might be headed in the future.

Here are some posts I am very proud to have written and I think deserve a second read.

There's been a lot of talk lately about mental illness. Here's a post written in January on mental illness and psychic ability.

Is Psychic Ability & Mental Illness linked?

Who could forget the gentleman who decided to punish his daughter in a very public way by making a Youtube video and shooting her computer!

Tough Love Parenting

I've often said that I don't meditate enough. As a busy mom with two kids it's hard to find time to myself. However in March I did find a little time to receive this message from my great Granny. Her message of patience is a good one. Sometimes we just have to wait because what we want isn't the right time to manifest.

A message from my ancestors.

Do you like to keep candle magick simple? This candle magick I performed didn't work out as I had envisioned it, but my husband did have a job soon thereafter.

Keep Candle Magick simple

Here's a personal tale of caution. Good intentions sometimes have very bad consequences.

Be careful what you witch for.

Do you like tradition? I don't like to feel boxed in. Tradition is fine and daddy when it uplifts you. However when it is restrictive and discourages growth I feel it is harmful. Which is why I'm eclectic. Here is a message from me encouraging you to break free from those traditions that suppress your nature and personal potential.

Tradition limits creativity & spiritual growth

Sometimes I don't know everything! Shocking I know. So here's a post I made after learning the true meaning of the Ichthys symbol. This post wins the best catchy title award and is one of the most visited posts this year.

Vagina On My Car Please

Here's a personal change of mine. Cernunnos came into my life. At the time when Cernunnos offered to "teach me to hunt", I took it to mean teach me how to be successful. I no longer think that. I think he meant teach me how to love a man in a fatherly way.

Lord of the Hunt

It's not often that I share rituals. Here is a ritual I wrote for a friend and shared here on my blog.

A Year & a Day ritual

It's not often I write poems, however this one I think is one of the best I've ever written.

Celebration of the Stag

We're almost to that moment of truth when we find out if Dec 21st is the most important day in history if if it'll turn into a dud like Y2K. Here's my thoughts on the Mayan calendar and the end of days.

Spiritual & Personal Awakening

The year couldn't be complete without my opinion on telling children about Santa.

No good lie: A discussion of Santa Clause

Reflect on your life this year. What has been your major success and major downfall? If you're a blogger, what is the one blog post you're the most proud of?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lighting a candle for Newtown, Connecticut

I'm lighting a candle for those who have been affected by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I'm sure you've probably already heard of it. Right now the news is reporting 27 people dead including 18 children.

As a parent I cannot fathom what these parents and children are going through. I'm so glad my children are home safe and sound and DD is home schooled! This is one of my worst fears.

Blessings, love and light to all those families in Connecticut.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vintage Romance Bookstore

As an avid reader of romance books, I have a very large collection that keeps growing occasionally. So I've decided to purge my inventory. You may see what I have for sale on Amazon's Vintage Romance store. The link is also in my navigation bar above. Please take a look and in the next month or so I may do a sale along with a giveaway! So stay tuned for that.

No Good Lie. A Discussion of Santa Clause.

Pagan Dad has a post about whether we should tell kids about Santa Clause. I've seen and replied to this topic several times over the past few days. There's always the argument that if you don't tell your kids Santa is real you're robbing them of their childhood. Verses telling them about Santa and teaching them all parents lie to their kids.

Clipart We choose not to do Santa. Though it isn't a simple matter of telling lies. Certainly lying to children is wrong, however for my case our decision not to participate in the Santa tale stems from my childhood. My mother, though she is a well meaning woman, constantly stretches the truth so far that I always have to decipher what is a lie or truth. It's like a puzzle each time she speaks!

I never believed in Santa as a child. Even at a young age I was smart enough to figure out it would be pretty impossible for Santa to bring toys to each child in one night and squeeze his overly large behind down chimneys. Don't get me started on those houses without a fire place!

"Santa brings a sense of magical wonder to children."

I find this one a bit laughable considering people who say this also berate me for being the "weird woman who thinks she's a witch." So what about that "magical wonder" children are suppose to have? Well personally I feel they can still have that without the tale of Santa or the Tooth fairy or whatever other tale parents want to tell. I can also teach my child about the spirit of giving without a big fat man in a suit.

"But there's no difference in telling about God/Goddess and Santa"

I hear that reasoning often too. They have a point, neither can be proved and we just have to have faith. However I don't force my beliefs on my children. I tell them what I believe, and if they choose to believe it to so be it. If not, that's OK too. Same with Santa. If they wish to believe I'm not going to be mad. But I will tell them I really buy the presents.

"But your children will ruin it for my kids."

Children inevitably hear it from other kids. By this time, their probably ready to hear the truth anyway. However I do teach my children that other parents choose to have their children believe in Santa, and that we shouldn't discuss Santa with other kids.

"St. Nicholas was a real person, therefore Santa is real."

Unless you believe in immortal beings, St. Nick is dead! Do you really want kids telling other kids Santa is dead? No, didn't think you did. Yes there really was a St. Nicholas. It's also a good idea to teach your kids about this very real person. If you home school this is a wonderful history lesson. However that doesn't mean you should tell kids he's alive, living at the North pole, and handing out toys to all kids in the world one day a year. A small kernel of truth does not make the whole story true. I don't believe St. Nick is a "Spirit of Christmas", because I believe after so long his spirit would have moved onto many different lives. 

Bottom line is that I strive to teach my kids never to lie by not lying to them myself. There is no harmless lie. Truth and honesty are major moral lessons in this household. I feel that the truth is best even if it hurts ourselves and others at the time. In the end my children know I will always tell them the truth and can be trusted to never deceive them.

That said, I respect a parents right to choose what is right for their kids. If you want them to believe in Santa, go right ahead. Just don't assume my children believe in Santa, and don't force your choice on us. We'll also make sure our kids don't force our choice on your family.

Do you tell your kids about Santa or the Holly King?


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