Friday, July 29, 2011

Writing Prompt: Magic Item

Prompt: While shopping at a second hand store (garage sale, thrift shop, ect...) your Main Character buys something, only to discover that is has some sort of power. Write about the object, what does it do, and how does it change the MC.

I'd spotted it a mile away. The sign said garage sale, everything must go. I felt elation at finding something so late in the day. This wasn't even my normal way to go home after work. I had just felt like taking the long scenic way home. There, at the front of the garage was a statue of a horse. He was beautiful. Ever since I was a small girl I collected statues of horses. They are so majestic. They remind me to be a free spirit. This one was all white with gold hooves and the outline of wings laying flat against its body. I pull into the driveway and approach the statue.
It has a chip in it, but the broken piece was laying at the foot of the horse. It was its ear, poor horse. He deserved a little tlc. That I could give! The proprietor approached and said,
"You can have that old thing. I was going to trash it honestly. I don't like it. My wife never let me sell it. But we divorced so I can finally get rid of it."
"Oh I think its lovely Sir. I'll take it."
When I got home I raced to my nightstand to grab the tube of glue I knew I had stashed there. A few minutes later I had the ear attached. He was still missing something though. The hooves were so colorful but the rest of him is just a dull white. Thats it, he needs color! I raced to the craft store and bought a set of paints. I spent all night long painting my horse. What shall I call him? As his colors began to reveal how beautiful he is, I thought about Painted Liberty as his name. It sounds perfect!
A flash of blue, gold, bright white and black flashed before me. One moment Painted Liberty was a beautiful statue, the next he is a live Pegasus and he had grown!
"What is your name friend?"
I looked around quickly but saw no one. Yet I knew I had heard a clear voice. I looked back at the Pegasus. Again I heard in my mind, "Your name?"
"I'm Kira. How are you... are you real?"
"You restored me by repairing my ear, you loved me by making me beautiful, and you named me. I have been waiting many years for someone to bring me to life. Thank you Kira." Painted Liberty said.

"Your welcome. I always wanted a horse but my parents always said no."
"Get on, we'll take a ride. Though you need to hold tight, were going up." the Pegasus said.
"Oh I don't think we should do that Liberty. I'm afraid of heeeiights."
Painted Liberty spread his beautiful gold and white wings. He reared and moved his wings and I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew we were above my house and I was holding on for dear life. Within a few minutes we were above the clouds, which was probably a good thing considering seeing a woman on a flying horse might give a few people heart attacks if they could see.

"Liberty, Can I keep you?"
"Yes Kira, we are going to be friends for a very long time. During the day I will be a statue in your home. At night, we will explore this world, perhaps help a few people along the way. We will be free spirits together through life."
"That my friend, sounds perfect."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would love a remote for life

You ever watch the Adam Sandler movie Click? Right now I'd love to have a remote control for life! If I had one, I'd hit fast forward just a little bit. While I enjoy every day with my little boy and wouldn't want to miss my time with him, I'd be happy to skip living in MIL's house, not having a job, etc... I want to have my own household again. I want to get back to where I was last year before I got pregnant. I had joined curves and was having a wonderful time trying to loose weight. I felt like I was taking back my life. I realize I could begin my weight loss journey now. I could walk with the baby or do exercises in the house. But staying here all day long makes me lazy. Worse it makes me bored and when I'm bored I eat! And MIL keeps bringing munchies in the house so I have a hard time saying no. Even our meals aren't really that healthy for loosing weight. So many calories and its so yummy! I think I'd just disappoint myself if I kept track of all the calories I eat in a day. I know I'm using up more calories because I'm breastfeeding, but since I don't do anything all day I can't be using up a lot anyway. I just want to get the show on the road already! I'm not a patient person. Perhaps I should do a meditation on patience!

Life Change

I wrote this spell work on January 15th, 2011. I certainly got what I wished for. But my wish is not complete. Lets hope that the rest comes to fruition.

Life Change

Mother Earth, Father Sky I call you forth to witness this rite. May you shine your blessing upon this work tonight.
From the North I call the winds to bring new change. A better tomorrow future shall be.

From the South I bring the netted past. All negative shed, only positive shall pass.

From the East a new dawn stirs. With the new day, I welcome new opportunities.

From the West I lay down my fears, all worries remain here.

These four directions I do so imbue these hopes and wishes will come true. A new land brings us a new home. A new baby brings us love and joy. A new start brings us prosperity and wealth. A comfortable home is what we shall be.

So Mote it Be

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Unclear Path

While looking through my BOS (Book of Shadows) I came across this poem I wrote May 12th, 2007. I don't remember writing it. But as I read it I realize its a good fit for me now, and I like it! So here it is.

The Unclear Path

Mystic fog so thick and true,
only a light to guide me through. 

As I walk the path of fog, 
mystic forces walk along. 

Hand in hand Spirit guides me,
along this path set before me. 

No fear shall enter my mind today, 
the light shall guide the fog away. 

And at the end of this Mystic path, 
brightness of mind and spirit I can have. 

So now I walk with no fear in me, 
for I have the Mystics power within me. 

So Mote it Be

A message of hope

This is an older meditation I had actually done awhile back. But its a good reminder.

This morning I woke up in a very bad mood. My theme sentence for the day was going to be "I don't wanna". So I lit my candle, burned my sage, and turned on my favorite morning meditation. Excuse me if I do not spell it right. Its a native American morning song I've posted on here before. Its words are Win de ya ho.
Anyway, as I was meditating I was introduced to a goddess of hope. She wasn't all that clear to me. But she was beautiful with dark hair and a loving nature. A nurturer by heart. She was feeding the poor and unhealthy. She showed me people who were in despair. She was spreading hope.
Here is the message for today. When your dreams are shattered, there is always hope. Hopes and dreams sound synonymous, but they are not. Dreams are your goals you are fairly certain are attainable, however high you set them. Hope is when that goal is too high even for you to believe it will happen.
But there are miracles, and there is hope. Don't give up. When intellectually you are certain life has kicked you one too many times, rely on hope to pick you back up.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Witch hunts didn't just kill Women

Our view of The Burning Times are women, some young some old, being accused and hung or burned at the stake. However our view is a bit skewed. When we think Witch, most either think of a warted old hag with a pointy hat, or they think wise woman.
But history doesn't talk a lot about the men who died in the name of Witchcraft. Take the Salem Witch Trials for example. Because I have an ancestor who was one of the victims of the Salem hysteria I've done my bit of research on what happened. Most who think of the trials think of Tituba, who was the female slave who dabbled in divination with the girls. Some of the women who died were Rebecca Nurse, Bridget Bishop, or Susannah Martin, who is my ancestor. But the men equally gave their lives and should not be forgotten. Giles Corey who refused to enter a plea so therefore was pressed to death. Or John Proctor and George Burroughs. If you research history you will find many men who were accused and executed for witchcraft. Please don't forget them! When we forget history, we tend to repeat it.

Combining faith in marriage

A lot of Pagans face a difference of opinion between their spouse in regards to religion. Unless you were lucky enough to find your significant other in a Pagan community, your spouse most likely doesn't see completely eye to eye with you. That is fine, we don't have to agree. I got lucky enough to find a man who is somewhat close to what I believe. Matter of fact he helped shape some of my ideals. But we don't believe exactly.

Now for myself, I classify as a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan. My DH however does not like to classify himself at all. He simply calls himself spiritual. At one time he studied most major religions, and a few not so major ones. He wanted to become a Native American Shaman but the Shaman he wanted to study under refused. So while he's learned some things about Shamanism, he is not technically a Shaman.

Combining Wicca & Shamanism isn't all that hard. They both believe in a male and female incarnation of deity. I work mostly with Isis. But I do not have a major draw to any male deity so we use The Great Spirit for when we work with the male aspect of deity.

Do you find it difficult to combine your religion and your So's? How do you reconcile your differences in belief?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing my dog

Kota Blue Storm
Kota is my 7 yr old blue merle rough collie. She's like a second, more furrier daughter to me. She's my baby-dog and I really really miss giving her kisses on her cold black nose. See we've gone through a lot of changes since December. Dh lost his job, we moved to Ohio, and now we are living with my MIL. We have yet to find another job. DS was just born in May. Just too many things going on and no way to care for my dog. My mother has her and I know she is ok. Though no one can provide for my dog like I can (Or use to! )
Me & Kota
I can't afford her usual diet. Kota is allergic to corn so she normally is on a grain free food. My mother cannot afford that so Kota's skin is broken out. I feel so bad that she's itchy and I can't do much about it. My mother gives benadryl but that doesn't help much. I just can't wait till we are past this change in our life and we are finally able to bring Kota home.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Salem's Elemental Meditations: Earth

Meditating to the element earth is a very grounding experience. Do you ever feel like your life is going by too fast? Perhaps you feel like life is out of control and you'd like to just hit the pause button for awhile. Meditating with earth can help us ground ourselves. It slows our perspective and allows us to slow our pace.

To meditate with Earth I like to find a tree to sit under. (No I don't go hug it. lol ) I like to pick a tree that is secluded. Try finding a tree that is somewhat secluded in the park if you live in the city. Though be aware of safety too! I wouldn't want you to be secluded and someone could take advantage of that.

I live in a small town so its no problem to find areas without a population and plenty of shady trees. Shade is important to me because I can't stand to be in the sun long! Take sunscreen with you. This way if you fall asleep while meditating you won't be burning your skin.
Do your breathing exercises, relax your mind and body. Allow the energy of mother earth flow through you. Run your hands through the grass if you like. Earth is grounding, relaxing, and comforting. These qualities remind us of our mothers which is why we associate the earth with feminine energy. If you are having trouble with reproductive organs this is a good time to seek healing.
I hope you enjoy meditating with Mother Earth.
Blessings, Love & Light,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Salem's Elemental Meditations: Fire

Fire is one of my most favorite elements. Its an element of passion, focus, dance, music and energy. It never fails to bring out the passion in life. Since the beginning of man we have been staring into fires and sometimes seeing the beyond. Whether you can build a huge bon fire or have a small candle, you can do a fire meditation.

I'm mostly a solitary Wiccan practitioner, but once in while my family and I join up with a coven. I always look forward to the evening when we sit around the bon fire and the young and energetic dance to the beat of the drums. I don't dance, and I don't drum. But I do sit and watch and meditate. The flames focus my mind. It takes me on a journey of passion, of music, of freedom.

The next time you find yourself alone at night. Turn off all the lights and light a candle. Sit and stare at the flame. Allow your mind to relax. Do your breathing exercises. Relax your muscles one by one. If your mind wonders to mundane things bring it back to the flame. Notice how it twists. How it grows bright, and then a little dull again. Think of your passions in life. You may even find the flame taking on a certain shape. Are there areas in your life where you should let go? Are you uncertain about a decision you need to make? Perhaps you've been too restrained in life and need to just dance. Focus on the topic and allow your mind to go over the issue and possible outcomes. Enjoy the passion of fire and bring it into your life daily.

I hope you enjoy meditating with fire as much as I do.
Blessings, Love, & Light,

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Song & Meditation

One of my favorite things to do when I have the time is to open Youtube and find a good meditation song to listen to. This is often how I started my day until recently. With the birth of my son I'm normally busy nursing him so I haven't the time to be on the Internet. But while I could, finding songs at least 5 minutes long and appropriate to meditate to was pretty easy to do. Here is a favorite of mine.
I hope you enjoy!

Living with a Bipolar Spouse: How to support your loved one

Our Family. 2008
Having a mental disorder is tough, but being the spouse of a bipolar patient can be equally so. Learn how to be your loved ones support without loosing yourself in the process.

 So you’re happily married with children and then your spouse becomes moody. Perhaps one minute they are angry, then sad, and finally super happy. This is a sign of mental illness. I’ve been there.
    My name is Robin, and my husband Lance is a Bipolar (type 2) patient. When we married in November of 1998 we had no idea that in a few short years my husband would be in more physical and mental pain than we could imagine. Each bipolar patient is different, so the advice I give here is only an example of how you can support your loved one through their mental illness. I hope that by writing this article, I can at least guide one person through the life of supporting a bipolar patient.
    Lance also suffers from chronic pain. Through his teens and early twenties he suffered injuries. Arthritis in his spine, bursitis in his shoulders, and a crushed knee from football has caused his entire body pain; he’s also only 40 years old. With the birth of our daughter, everything changed. He became moody and withdrawn. When I asked what was wrong, though he tried to assure me all was fine, I could tell it was not. The moment came when my husband pushed our daughter away from him when she tried to hug her daddy. That is when he admitted something was not right.
    Like most men, Lance had no desire to see a doctor. After that day with our daughter though, I convinced him to see our general practitioner. This is important because so many women are dealing with spouses who go undiagnosed. Convince your spouses to see a medical professional if you suspect a mental illness. Lance was diagnosed with depression and a multitude of other things over a two year period. Medication for depression was given and at first it seemed to help. Our general practitioner was convinced that he could treat Lance’s mental illness, so he was not referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist. For two years Lance would take the medication, after a few weeks, his mood would crash and Lance would be to the point of almost suicide. Though he never went into the hospital, there were more times than I know my husband is willing to talk about that he was on the verge of suicide.
    At one point, Lance had to remove all of his weapons from our home. He would not tell me why he decided to do this until years later, but that day he sat in a room with a gun in his mouth. He said the only thought that made him stop is the thought that I’d walk in and see his bloody corpse. I thank the gods that he had the strength to live.
    After two years and several more drugs, doctors’ appointments, and wasted time, Lance was diagnosed by a nurse practitioner as being Bipolar. He finally received his referral to a psychologist. It makes me angry to think he wasted two years with a general doctor because of one doctor’s ego. This is my second lesson for those who are supporting a bipolar patient. Make sure they have a good doctor. If I had insisted Lance get a second opinion from a different clinic then perhaps that episode with the gun would never have happened.
    After diagnosis, it’s important to learn all about Bipolar disorder. In many ways you will be your spouse’s rock. It’s important to learn how to recognize which phase (depression or manic) they are in and be able to be there for them. I have little experience with type one Bipolar disorder. My experience is with rapid cycling or Bipolar disorder type two. Additionally, it’s important to research any medication your spouse’s doctor prescribes. Two side effects I’ve found to be worrisome is dizziness and forgetfulness. They don’t sound like side effects to worry about, but it’s another thing entirely when your husband is driving a country road, forgets what he’s doing and almost wreaks your brand new SUV. Yes, it happened to us - the almost wreak, not a collision. There were various times when Lance over-dosed himself as well. Now taking one extra pill is probably not going to send anyone to the emergency room, but it will mess with the mood cycles. Too much or too little medication will start a rapid cycle.
    I’ve found that little things are the best way to cope with depression or manic episodes. For depression, I really believe laughter is the best medicine. Since most patients are lethargic or just what to hide in their homes, I find that snuggling up with a good comedy helps here. It may not bring your spouse out of their mood swing, but it does help to reassure them that you are there and you love them. If you must be away from them for a day, send an email or call once. I find that especially for depression, saying I love you is the best medicine I can provide because at this time, thoughts are going through their head that their unloved, a burden to the family, and worthless. Our love helps to reassure them that these thoughts are only because of a chemical imbalance in the brain and not their true feelings.
    Manic swings in my opinion are the worst. I am a down to earth kind of girl myself. So when my husband goes into a manic episode I inwardly groan. Bubbly, giggly, over the top enthusiasm is exhausting. But this is a perfect time to get out of the house and have some fun. Try to rein in your spouses impulses. No driving wild and wreak less, no speeding down the interstate. Often in manic episodes, patients can become care free. Remind them that what they are feeling isn’t normal, and they must try to control their impulses. Take a nature hike or do something energetic and fun. Its more bonding for you and it helps him to control his mood. 
    Lastly, don’t forget about you. At times it can seem that you live to help your spouse get through the day. I swear its not that much work most of the time - especially if the medication is doing its job. Don’t forget to take a soak in the tub and indulge yourself with some alone time.

So to recap:
If you suspect your spouse has a mental illness, convince him/her to seek a mental health professional. Remember not all doctors are created equal.
Learn all you can about your spouses condition. Become familiar with the different types and phases of Bipolar disorder.
Research any medication prescribed. Know what side effects to look for and avoid. Keep track of your spouse’s daily dose.
Learn to recognize what phase your spouse is currently in. Then find what works best for your spouse to cope.
Don’t forget yourself. It’s important to keep yourself healthy.

Children & Spirituality: Giving choices allows for stronger faith.

Spirituality is a choice.

“Mom, I want to learn about other religions.” If you have children chances are at some point in your child’s life, you will hear these words. I have an 8-year-old daughter and all ready she is becoming aware of spirituality. As a Pagan mother, I encourage free thought.

How many readers grew up in a Christian home, Buddhist home, or Pagan home? Why is any home considered one specific religion? My answer is it does not have to be. I believe religion is a choice, not a birthright. The only exception being Jewish members, which are considered an ethnic group.

When a person chooses what their faith should be they inevitably become spiritually stronger. The choice strengthens character and encourages children to believe in their own choices. Peer pressure is a major issue in schools. Presenting your child with a choice teaches them that they do not have to give in to what society demands as normal. To become a free thinker and allowing your child to think outside of the box will prepare them for future hardships and build a stronger, more independent nature.

So what do you do when your child asks you about other religions? Should you limit what religions your child should learn? These are two very important questions you have to ask yourself. When you allow your child to research what they are interested in, study with them. Learning does not mean they will automatically believe. It simply provides a different point of view from what they have learned previously. Knowledge of different cultures and thoughts will help them relate to people throughout their lifetime. This will serve them well personally as well as professionally. If you learn with them, it provides a bond with your child as well as increases your awareness of other spiritual thoughts. You are also there to explain what you believe and provide moral support and guidance.

When your child finally decides on what to believe, support their decision. One of the major mistakes a parent can make is condemn a child’s choice because it is not your own. You may be afraid for your child’s soul. However, I guarantee you will alienate your child if you are judgmental about their faith. The best you can do is lead by example. Actions will always teach better than words. Their choice will lead to a firmer belief in their faith. How many people do you know claim a religion yet cannot tell you scripture or doctrine? How many people do you know that say they are a certain faith yet do not really live it? When we research and choose what to believe we retain more information. When there is a choice, faith becomes a way of life- not just a label.

Salem's Elemental Meditations: Water

One of the tools for spiritual growth that I really think is essential is meditation. Meditation is versatile. You can do it several ways, for however long you want and it will have an impact upon your day. Whether you can meditate for 5 minutes or an hour every day meditation will help you in your life.

One meditation I like to do is an Elemental Meditation. This is taking the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and incorporating them into your meditation. My favorite is water because its so easy to do.

Most people take showers either at the beginning or end of their day. This works either way. For the morning your focusing on bringing the positive into your day, for the evening showers your focusing on letting go of the negative feelings/events that happened that day.

During your shower just stand under the spray. Make sure your water is comfortable. Too hot or too cold can ruin your focus. If you have a small water heater it may be best to do this before you wash your hair. If your not worried about using all the hot water, you can do this after you've finished washing.

To begin, start with breathing exercises. Just focus on breathing in and out. Open your mouth slightly for air to pass. Do this till you are focused then move to relaxing your toes. Give them a wiggle or two. Then focus on your calves and feel how the water runs down your legs. Then move upward to your hips and thighs. Notice how the water warms your muscles. Move your focus up to your belly, your chest, your shoulders and back, and finally your head. Each time focusing on how the water is warm and relaxing. Acknowledge what you feel is right in your life. Now is the time to thank whatever deity you believe in for this blessing. Allow the water to carry this blessing with it to the Universal Energy/God. Next acknowledge what you feel is wrong in your life, and how you would like it to change. Allow the water to carry this wish with it to the Universal Energy/God.
Again do your breathing exercise. Each time focusing on  your head to your toes. Relaxing your body and letting go of the worlds stress. The water is replenishing. It washes away negative energy so we can focus on the positive in our life.

I hope you enjoy this meditation as much as I do!
Blessings, Love, & Light,

New Around here

Hello Blogspot! I'm SWC. Robin is my real name. But I took the name Salem Witch Child due to my ancestry. Years ago I researched my family tree and discovered I'm a 10th generation great grandchild of Susannah Martin. She was hung during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

I'm also Wiccan, but my name really has nothing to do with my faith. I grew up in Ohio till I was 12, then moved to KY where I finished school and found my true love. Now we are starting over in Ohio again. Lance and I have been married for almost 14 years. We have two beautiful children named Sierra (9 yrs old) and Wyatt (2 months old).

As I said I am Wiccan and faith is a big part of who I am. I'm solitary eclectic. My husband is simply "spiritual" though he has studied most major religions and connects mostly with Native American Shamanism.

This blog is dedicated to my creative side. I love to write, read, I use to make candles but have not made any in quite some time. And my newest addiction is baking from scratch. I started this years ago but then went back to work and had no time to experiment. Lately though, I've been baking cakes and breads.
So there you have it. I hope you will follow me and enjoy my writing.
Blessed Be,


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,