Friday, August 9, 2013

Ritual: Wants vs. Needs

Do you do ritual only when you need something? This is kind of the equivalent of someone who only calls family and friends when they want something. I try not to do that, in either case.

Image Source (Not a picture of my bell. It's just similar)
Yet I'm faced with wanting to do a bit of magick in the near future. I'd do it tonight but I'm not fully clear on what I'm doing yet. I have this pentacle with bells hanging from it that I've had in my car for years. I consider it my safety talisman.

We've had some things going on with our cars and stuff related to transportation. Not good things either. A lot of it is our own fault and I fully take the blame. Yet I'm not quite sure how we are going to dig ourselves out of the hole we've made.
So I know I want to bring the pentacle inside and work a little magick with it. It definitely is over due to charge it.

Do you keep something in your car as a safety measure? More than once that bell has rung to remind me to be aware. Usually it was right before some idiot ran a red light or something. If I hadn't been aware, I may have been in their way.


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