Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How do your beliefs benefit you and society?

How do your beliefs benefit you and society?

This question was asked by SisterSolome on the ULC.net forum. It's inspired me to think, and to write. 

My first reaction was that my beliefs don't really benefit anyone. I'm not rich because I'm Wiccan. I can't caste a magick spell to win the lotto, no matter how much I've tried! The Universe doesn't work like that. If life were suppose to be easy for me, I'd have been born rich, or led a life that came to that end result. I realized I was thinking in terms of the material however. 

Taking into account the definition of "benefit: as verb (used with object)benefited or benefited, benefiting or benefiting.5.to do good to; be of service to:a health program to benefit everyone.
I have to say that I have certainly benefited. To be of service is certainly something that rings as important in my life. I'm drawn to helping others, to heal when I can, and to help teach. I hope that this blog has been a benefit to others, just as I have benefited from the various Pagan blogs I follow. The love of the Goddess is certainly a benefit for me. She helps guide, protect and comfort me when I need her love.

What about you? What benefit does your beliefs bring to your life and to society? 


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

Blessed Be,