Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are Pagan Parents Crunchy?

"Are Pagan parents automatically considered crunchy parents?"

So what is a crunchy parent? Well a crunchy parent is someone who is very minimalistic and likes to get back to the basics. They usually believe in cloth diapering, baby wearing, AP parenting, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting. There's a certain "hippy aspect" to crunchy parenting.

Hey nothing wrong with being a bit hippy. I think most Pagans already believe in getting back to basics and are very environment conscious so it is pretty easy to make choices to switch to cloth diapers and forgo the millions of diapers going to the landfill. However that doesn't mean Pagan parents will embrace every aspect of crunchy parenting. Just because you don't embrace a particular aspect of the crunchy lifestyle also doesn't mean you're not a crunchy parent.

Take Kara Kay's video for instance. In her video she explains the ways she is not embracing the crunchy lifestyle.

So am I crunchy? I've never really considered myself so until recently. Lets make a list.

  1. I cloth diaper
  2. Home school
  3. Recycle cans and use my own bags and/or request some things not to be bagged. 
  4. Breastfeed my LO (19 months now) 
  5. Try to grow herbs. Hey its the thought that counts right? 
  6. No CIO. Though we did do CIO with my oldest. 
  7. Use herbs medicinally. 
Ways I am not crunchy?
  1. My cloth diapers do come from China (for the most part). 
  2. I use non-green chemicals to clean my house. Though using vinegar or baking soda is sometimes all I need.
  3. I believe in discipline in the home. Kids don't get away with much in my home. Spanking is never completely out of the question, though used sparingly. I'm definitely not the AP parent type.
  4. Tried baby wearing but it hurt my back. Hey you try having huge babies with a bad back. It hurts like hell. 
I'm sure there's more I could add to that list, but I'll stop there.

Are you a crunchy parent? Do you think crunchy parenting would fit well into your Pagan lifestyle? Feel free to use this as a blog prompt.


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