Saturday, January 19, 2013

Emotional & Spiritual Poverty

The past two Saturdays I have attended Inanna's Spiritual Center. Rev. Lynn Hoover and a few of her other ordained ministers do a sermon every Saturday. If you happen to be in Chillicothe, Ohio stop by! [Sorry for shameless plug]

The past two Saturdays have been about the many different types of poverty.
When we think of poverty we think solely of finances. However that is not the only type of poverty. The other types of poverty are social, emotional, spiritual, and physical poverty. 

Today Rev. Lynn focused on the emotional and spiritual side of poverty. The congregation was asked a question.

"Do we suffer from emotional or spiritual poverty?" (I'm paraphrasing here btw.)

This question really reminded me of my mother and all physically and emotionally abused women in the world. The mindset of women needing a man to take care of you is still a solid belief among many women. My own mother has been with a man for over 30 years who is emotionally abusive at times. She would never choose to leave because she has no confidence in herself as a single woman. She relies on men too much.

Emotional Poverty

It's a lifestyle that I myself at 15 yrs old was on. I believed I needed a man to love me to have self worth. Then a very wise and handsome man told me that, "If I can find no love within then I would not find love with another."

I'm a very smart chick indeed, because I married that man. ;) But only after putting that advice into action. I think society puts down anyone who would put themselves above others. We're almost expected to be martyrs for others happiness. It is not shameful to love yourself above others. Yes our children and family are our most beloved. However, you should love yourself just as much. If you can do this, you will never suffer emotional poverty.

Spiritual Poverty

As for spiritual poverty, along with that love for myself I found that I could finally accept the love of spirit. I think I felt unworthy of Lord & Lady's love before then. In a way it is a giving up of past emotional baggage and judgements.

Are you spiritually and emotionally poor? If you are not, have you been in the past and what did you do to overcome your difficulties?


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