Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Wish of Good Harvest to You

Well if you're Pagan you probably already know it is the first harvest or Lammas/Lughnasadh. Since my DH was hired at Goodwill we are finally bringing in a little more money. We had to wait a couple of weeks for his first check and since he is paid every two weeks it seemed like forever until he was paid again. Finally we are able to begin saving to move out of MIL's home. This harvest of money is greatly needed in our life.

Kota Blue Storm
We had a slight setback in our savings when my dog Kota (who lives with my mother in KY) needed to go to the vet. She has severe allergies and it was just getting too bad. So she went to the vet where he gave her a steroid shot that she will likely need the rest of her life. I'm hoping once we find a place to live and are able to bring Kota home she won't need it. If she does need it then that's what she'll get. Kota is so much apart of our family. I haven't saw her in so long and I worry she won't even recognize me.

Does anyone Freecycle? About a week ago someone was giving away blackberries. I use to pick blackberries when I was a child for my mother. There was some growing wild next to a fence row my mother would send me out to pick anytime she wanted to make a pie. So guess what I did with my blackberries? You guessed it. I made a blackberry and jam pie. The recipe is one of my MIL's so I can't link it. Here is a recipe for blackberry jam which was the topping for my pie. I even made a second pie for some new residents that moved in a few doors down. See I can be social when I want. *wink*.

Pin stripped under bust corset.
With more money means we can afford to spend a little on our happiness. DH bought Diablo 3 for his computer. He loves computer games and I'll admit I use to be big on playing World of Warcraft. I thought it a bit unfair that he get a treat and I didn't. So I did a very rare thing and splurged on myself. Remember when I said I wanted to give tight-lacing/waist training a try? Well I am. I've bought an under bust corset off eBay. It's probably not the greatest quality but it does have steel bones and the seller did assure me it is good for waist training. So we shall see. It was on sale as well so hopefully I get what I think I've ordered. If I like the feel of this corset I am going to save up to buy a custom made corset. I haven't told my husband all this yet. I wonder if he will like it or think I'm crazy? lol 

Since the harvest always goes back to food and a feast...What culinary creation have you made recently that you're proud of? I made very yummy bread yesterday. There is half a loaf left that is destined to become bread pudding.

So what are you harvesting in your life? Anything interesting happen to you this week?


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