Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Home, My Rules, and My Wayward Daughter

Dear Miss Sierra Belle,

One day, far in the future, perhaps you'll read this. Sometime in your lifetime there will be endless web pages created by parents that will become a written record of the small moments of your life you'd otherwise forget. So here it is, today's record.

I had to punish you today. Not because of a need to be mean or even strict. I really hate to discipline you. However as children often do, you leave your mom and dad no choice.

See today when you left the house without your glasses because you woke up late for school, I thought I'd be a nice mom and bring them to you. I know how you can't see the chalkboard without them, and I don't want your education to suffer just because of your sight.

So as soon as I had someone to watch your brother for a few minutes, I drove to your school and found you in the gymnasium. Your back was turned to me, so at first I just saw your lovely self talking with a group of friends. Then I tapped you on your shoulder and handed you your glasses with a smile and a hello. That is when my heart dropped. I knew, in that moment, I would have to be a mean mom today.

That red lipstick I let you buy with your allowance, the one I specifically told you not to wear outside of the house, was on your lips. You have many other shades of lipstick and lip gloss except weird colors. A light pink would have looked lovely on you. I know the need to feel beautiful and I don't believe a little light makeup at your age (which is 10 btw) is inappropriate. However since you feel the need to disobey me, I must become strict like my mother.

You see at your age, I was not allowed makeup at all. I thought I was being the "cool" parent by allowing a little makeup. It is makeup after all. No big deal right? Wrong. Makeup should be tastefully done, and that bright red is like an advertisement for all men to say "Look at me, I'm more grown than I really am."

I was going to do the discipline myself. However as I sat here throughout the day, I realized I always am the one to discipline you. So I decided, as a daddies girl, perhaps it's better that your father be in charge of carrying out the punishment.

So when you came home, I grabbed your backpack and pulled all makeup out of it. Turns out you had the red lipstick in your pocket which is a sure bet you knew it was forbidden IMO. I also brought the rest of your makeup into the living room. Then your father proceeded to tell you that if you can't follow the rules, you don't get to have any makeup.

Then the order came from him. You must throw away all makeup. Even the lip gloss. Yep, that one I probably wouldn't have made you do, but it's your fathers choice and I stand by his decision.

You cried, you screamed, you probably want to hate us. But in the end, you'll thank us.

We love you darling daughter of mine. You have no idea how much you are like me when I was your age. Except I had to hide all of my makeup, because my mother wasn't "cool" enough to allow light colors.

For my mother, I just had to call you because yes, we have come full circle. I am certainly getting back what I dished out!

Your loving mother,



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