Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Moons Powerful Energy Boosted by Hurricane Isaac

We're coming up on a very powerful time in the year. Not only because of the moon but because of weather events as well. On the 31st we will have a blue moon, which just means we have an extra full moon in our calendar year. This only happens every 2 or so years. Hence why they call it "once in a blue moon".

This is a great time to work on any spell that is going to take a long time to come to fruition. If you're working on your finances, school, or other life long changes, this is a powerful time to do this kind of spell work.

However Hurricane Isaac is on it's way, and for those of us in the northern part of the county it shouldn't hit us until Friday evening, Saturday, and maybe a little bit Sunday. Which means that the energy of the storm is going to be mixing with the energy of the blue moon. It's an especially chaotic time of high energy.

Weather magick always gives me an "energy high". You should always ground during any magickal work, however grounding is very important with weather magick because the energy is raw and chaotic. Without grounding you may feel a bit light headed, dizzy, and you'll just be flinging out energy with no real direction for it to go. Needless to say a lot of magical oops can happen during this time if you are not careful.

So for those who plan on doing a blue moon ritual, you may find yourself needing a little more time to ground. During the ritual keep a stone or a bit of sand in your hands or pocket. Or if you have a small pouch put some soil in it and wear around your neck. As always, make sure your purpose is clear and precise to avoid any magickal mistakes.

Do you have plans for what you'll be doing during the blue moon? I will once again be teaching my daughter about ritual, and she'll be helping me set up the altar. Since we are facing some large changes in our life (Possibly moving and beginning the K-12 online school for DD) I'll be focusing on our financial life as well as giving thanks for all we have.


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