Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kota Blue Storm

Magaly over on Pagan Culture has invited us to share our fur-kids. My mother takes care of mine since I moved and cannot have a pet right now. There isn't a day goes by that I don't think about Kota and wish I could bury my nose in her fur and give her a big kiss on her wet nose.

I suppose I'll answer the same questions as Magaly.

1. Do all Witches keep familiars? Like Magaly, I think of my furry children as family, not tools. I did have a black cat once that loved to sit with me at my altar though. ;)

2. Has Kota ever assisted during a magic ritual? No not that I remember. But she has helped with Halloween, much to her dismay.
"I don't like you right now mommy, so I stick my tongue out at you and refuse to look at the camera!"

3. Most Witches prefer cats. Is Kota a kitty in disguise? I'm not quite sure Kota realizes she is not a human. We've treated her as part of our family so well that she automatically expects full family privileges. Such as stealing my bed. 

"What? This isn't my sleeping spot?"

4. Does Kota have her own broomstick? Who needs a broomstick when you can do zoomies instead?

5. What’s Kota favorite color for witchy robes? Robes are not quite her style, but tiara's are not out of the question. 

6. Kota is a collie. Has she ever considered joining the fierce and elitist children of Thor?  When most people think of rough collies they think of the lovable and smart Lassie - a great family pet. Well I won't argue on the family part, but Kota has her tough side too. Just look how she defends herself against the evil villain, daddy's hand! Don't be fooled by it's normal appearance, it's pure evil! (No human flesh was consumed in the making of this picture)


7. So is Kota part of any coven? If you consider coven family [I do] then yes, totally apart of this coven. :) 

This is how it all started. 

Baby Kota (left) with her sister Kayla (right).



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