Friday, November 30, 2012

Spiritual & Personal Awakening

I've heard it said often that more and more people are awakening to a new spiritual beginning. I guess I can sort of see that happening. More and more people are leaving mainstream religions in favor of either agnosticism or some other minority religion. However I think "awakening" is a misleading term. It's more like fed up with what they were raised to believe and what society tells them they should believe in order to fit into the "norm". I see so many people mention daily that they aren't (Insert religion here) anymore because of various bad experiences or they generally just don't agree with or are confused by the faith. As we become more and more comfortable with being ourselves without fear of others ridiculing ourselves and family, then we begin to explore what it really is we believe.

Many years ago my husband was more in tune with his spiritual nature. I was just beginning my Pagan journey. Something he said then has always stuck with me. After his meditation he would often talk about what he had seen. One particular meditation he spoke of natural disasters and a spiritual awakening happening after 2007.  Of course as December 21st nears we are also hearing a lot about the Mayan calendar and end time prophecies.

I think these prophecies are not speaking of physical death of the world, but the death of society as we know it. More and more people are standing up to society's expectations and instead are living their life their way. You can see this in many aspects of life. Anything from religion to sexual orientation make the news frequently. More and more people are saying, "I won't hide behind the norm. I believe in this, and I should be accepted for who and what I am."

Do you believe we are going through a spiritual and personal awakening? Do you believe our world will change or end in December or the near future?


  1. Yes, I absolutely believe that the 2012 prophecy is about a spiritual awakening leading that is very important to human evolution. I don't believe that the physical world will end, but that there will be big changes. I think we can (as John Lennon said) change the world by imagining the world as we want it to be and by taking the first steps ourselves in our everyday lives. I think that this will be a time of rethinking everything that we have accepted as truth.

    1. What kind of changes do you think is in store for us?

  2. I absolutely see it as an awakening, not necessarily connected to religions though. Definitely spiritual, though many I have encountered cannot see it as such, they are only aware of things feeling different for them. It has brought a lot of business my way for intuitive readings and *counseling* (which has prompted me to go back to school in 2013 for a degree in Psych and counseling). I have been seeing physical manifestations of energy shifting and as we have gone through the last quarter of the year I have really seen things pick up. The veil has thinned yet again, people are suffering physical afflictions connected to whichever chakras are blocked or unopened, I'm having these experiences first had as well. It's been a wild ride and I really don't think it comes to a head on the 21st, I think that's when it explodes and really becomes felt on a wider scale. This year has seen a rise of violence (especially against women) being reported constantly, abuse toward children, abductions. The Christians would say its the battle of good and evil which isn't that far off. It is a battle, for sure, between base energies and higher energies. Which is where the awakening (and for those who believe in ascension) comes in.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your degree. :)



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