Saturday, November 17, 2012

PBP: Old or New Path?

Prompt: Old Ways or Modern Path?

As I was skimming through a friend's blog, something she said sparked a good question in my mind.
The path that you follow - is it purely the Old Ways? Is it more 'modern Wicca'? Or somewhere in between?

There are lots of sources for information on the age of what we call Wicca or Paganism in the modern day, and most of them agree that the alternative paths of today are actually quite different than 'normal life' of ancient history.

So I wonder, what parts of your path are based on ancient methods and teachings? What aspects of modern spirituality do you employ? Why the difference?

This week's prompt is definitely all about you, your mind, your self, and what you think and feel. I completely understand if this is too deep of a subject for you to comfortably share, and take no offense if you don't post your link. First and foremost, these prompts are to help you explore yourself. Meeting others of like-mind is only a side bonus.


Because my path is a hodge-podge of various beliefs, my faith is mostly modern with and old world twist. Honestly, I can't separate the old from the new. I don't think most other Pagans can either. I don't get caught up in labels. It doesn't matter to me one bit if something is new. The oldest religions were at one time new. It doesn't make them any less valid IMO. When someone brings it up I just listen politely and change the subject. Not to be mean, but when someone is caught up in the "I practice the old ways", I wonder if they truly believe in Paganism, or if they are in it for the "status". I get that a lot of Pagans feel like they don't fit into society so are looking for something that speaks to them. I've felt that way too over the years. But you won't find what is truly right for you if all you're worried about is status within the community. 

Just learn, grow as a spiritual person and eventually that feeling of belonging will come to you.


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