Friday, June 21, 2013

Have A Great Summer Solstice

Have a great summer everyone. Sorry I've been a bit silent lately. I've not been in a good mood. Some things have happened in my life. Mostly life took a big shit on us. I can't say I didn't have a hand to play in it though. We are dealing with the consequences. For now though, I want to focus on celebrating the summer solstice. 

I'm trying to grow herbs again. I know, I keep killing plants. I have no idea why. I keep reading websites and getting advice from those green thumb people, but it never seems to help. Hopefully these little herbs will sprout and do well. 

I think my own summer ritual will be private tonight. Over the past few weeks I've felt the strong need for solitude and peace. Its a time I've drawn within myself. It's just my way to heal a bit. 

Anyway, enough about doom and gloom. Go out and enjoy the summer! 

Blessed Be y'all. 



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Blessed Be,