Sunday, July 14, 2013

Foraging.. and Remembering The Past

The other day I found wild blackberry bushes along the backyard fence line. They may appear to be everyday berries. But these are magic berries! At least for me they are, because they bring back a lot of happy childhood memories for me.

I grew up in a little poor town called Bloomingsburg, Ohio. Where I lived we also had a fence line. All along that fence grew blackberry bushes. In the summer, once they had ripened, my mom would hand me a big bowl and tell me to go fill it up. So my best friend Joey and I would spend all day outside picking these berries. My hands would be stained from the berries by the time I was done. The end result was a yummy blackberry pie my mom baked for us.

Not all of the berries are ripe yet, so I wasn't able to get a whole lot today. That's okay, I wanted just enough to put in the bread pudding I'm making. I just love going foraging and finding sweet things to eat. :)

I did forget that blackberry bushes have thorns. Ouch! My poor fingers. 

What have you done today?


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