Friday, July 12, 2013

The Powers That Be Smile

Today started like any other day when my Dh is off work. He waits impatiently for me to wake up. Then announces he is hungry. He went to the store for me and when he got back I started cooking breakfast. Today was bacon, eggs, and toast.

The eggs we had are store bought, so imagine my surprise when I got a double yolked egg. I looked up the odds, it's 1 in 1000. So imagine my uber-super surprise when tonight, I cooked more eggs (had egg and bologna sandwiches) and I got another double yolk in the same carton.

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Then Dh had a butterfly land on his hand. Butterfly's are a sign of transformation and change.

We had to run an errand today, so we ended up missing a call about a job for Lance. We'll call them Monday. So hopefully that isn't too late. Oh I hope this works out. Our errand was about re-doing our certification to be in this low-income apartment. We were just saying today that we couldn't believe its been a year, and that we hoped we wouldn't have to be here another year. I hope that wish is coming true.

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us!

Thanks Ender pup for the title inspiration.


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