Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pagan Creation

August 31st, 2012. Blue moon. Photo by Robin LC
So last night was the blue moon and I know many of you were outside enjoying yourselves or doing a ritual. My daughter and I sat under the moon and mostly talked for awhile. She is coming into her own and I'm teaching her a bit more about my faith, and she is participating when she wants to. We made an offering just as a thank you for all we have in our life. Unfortunately, the night was cloudy and we didn't get a good look at the moon. But it did come out for a few minutes to greet us. 

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I'm one busy little bee. I'm enjoying crafting with clay. So much so that I am making an endeavor to open an Etsy store. I do not have any products to add yet, however I will soon!

This is what I finished tonight. I started out just making a nameless young goddess. She turned out to be a crone. Hey nothing wrong with that! She just called to me to be older, and cloaked.

Cloaked Crone by Robin LC
Her face is a little rough, but that just adds to her character. My Etsy store is titled Pagan Creation and my tag line is "Finding perfection in imperfect art."

See I am no great artist. However I think art that is hand done with love is far more powerful than any mass produced statue most Pagans find in stores. And... I'm not charging an arm and a leg for them.

So how do you like my cloaked crone? Does she speak to you?


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