Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Year & A Day

I don't often write or share rituals for other people. However a friend of mine asked me to direct her in the right direction and I couldn't deny her. I came up with this simple ritual for dedicating yourself to a year and a day of study. This is NOT an initiation into the Wiccan faith. This is just something to recognize in yourself and to Deity that you are dedicated to learning all you can within that year, and then deciding if Wicca is for you.

Text I've put in brackets are instructions and not spoken words for the ritual. 

A Year & A Day Ritual
August 30th, 2012

Set up your altar

What you'll need
  • 2 white taper candles to represent the God/Goddess.
  • 4 small candles
  • 1 yellow to represent the east and air.
  • 1 blue to represent the west and water.
  • 1 red to represent south and fire.
  • 1 brown to represent the north and earth.
  • You can add crystals or anything else of spiritual or ancestral significance to you.

Calling of the Quarters & Deity

[Walk in a clockwise circle while saying...]

Lord of the Sky, Mother of the Earth, I call you forth to witness this rite. May you shine your blessings upon this work tonight. [Light both taper candles and place on altar.]

[Face north with the brown candle. Light and say...]

From the North, I call the steady beat of earth. My you guide my spirit along my path.

[Place candle on the ground at your feet. Please be careful of the fire!]

[Face South with the red candle. Light and say...]

From the South, I call the element of fire. May its passion encourage me forward.

[Place candle on the ground at your feet. Please be careful of the fire!]

[Face the East with the yellow candle. Light and say]

From the East, I welcome the rays of the sun and its breath of life giving air.

[Place candle on the ground at your feet. Please be careful of the fire!]

[Face the west with the blue candle. Light and say...]

From the west, I welcome the stormy emotions of water.

[Place candle on the ground at your feet. Please be careful of the fire!]

[Stand back at your altar, which should be in the center of the circle btw!]


These four directions I do so imbue. These hopes and wishes will come true. I set before myself a year and a day to decide what path my life with take. I ask the Lord and Lady to enter my heart. Guide the way, this is my start.

So Mote It Be.

The Wishing Pot

I do a wishing pot when I want to manifest something in my life. In your case, you are looking for wisdom. You'll need an essential oil or flower to add to the water. Here are a couple choices. If you can't add an oil or flower, just choose salt for purity.

SANDALWOOD - Spirituality, meditation, sex, healing, psychic awareness
PEPPERMINT - Purification, mental energy, psychic powers
ORANGE - Purification, heightened awareness, luck
LOTUS - Healing, luck, opening to spirit

Add water to a large pan.
Add essential oil, flower, or salt while imagining the water being imbued with wisdom and purity. Write your wish on a piece of paper. Write a letter to the Lord and Lady. Speak to them as if they are your best friends. Express your feeling of something missing in your life, and ask that they grant you wisdom and guidance.
Fold the paper and add into the water.

[Poem: Read this aloud at altar.]

Mystic fog so thick and true, only a light to guide me through.

As I walk the path of fog, mystic forces walk along.

Hand in hand Spirit guides me,
along this path set before me.

No fear shall enter my mind today,
the light shall guide the fog away.

Spirit that guides, reveal your name to me.
I'm open to your thoughts and love for me.

At the end of this mystic path,
brightness of mind and spirit I will have.

So now I walk with no fear in me,
For I have your guidance, love, and mystics power within me.

So Mote It be

[Pour the water with your wish on the ground, saying... An alternate is to dig a hole and bury the mixture.]

To the spirits of the earth, I consecrate these hopes and dreams into your womb. If it be for the greater good, may these wishes be granted with all due speed.

Releasing the Quarters & Thanking Deity

When a witch creates a sacred space, we must release the energy that we've brought forth. So it is very important to release the quarters and thank the deities.

Essentially you'll be going backwards from the pattern you did the opening in. This is called widdershins or counter-clockwise.

[Face the west, extinguish the blue candle and say]

From the west, I calm the stormy waters. I thank you for your presence and release you.

[Face the East, extinguish the yellow candle and say]

From the east, I thank you for your breath of life giving air. I thank you for your presence and release you.

[Face the South, extinguish the red candle and say]

From the South, I extinguish the flames of passion. I thank you for your presence and release you.

[Face the North, extinguish the brown candle and say]

From the North, I thank the steady beat of the Earth. I thank you for your presence and release you.

[In a counter-clockwise motion, walk the circle while saying...]

As I prepare to end this rite, I thank the Lord and Lady this night. Go if you must, stay if you will. By the rite of my ancestors, so mote it be.

[extinguish the two taper candles.]

And you're done.


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Blessed Be,