Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Toads and Family

I'm back! Did you miss me? I know I missed all my favorite blogger peeps. We are settling in at our new place and DD is starting K12, which is online public education. However you might as well call it homeschooling, since it's done at home. ;) Technically I am not DD's teacher, I am her "learning coach". Which IMO is the same damn thing! lol She does have a teacher online though.

I ran across a little guy I want to introduce to you. As I was leaving today to go run an errand he was waiting outside for me. I think I'm calling him Cat Bait. Because as I was leaving one of the various cats running around here was spying this little guy. I hope he ran back into the pipe.

I looked up toad symbology and here is what this website had to say.

Frog/Toad: Frogs and toads symbolize feminine energy, fecundity, water, new life, new beginnings, the mystery of creation, cleansing, refreshing, purifying, refilling, clearing negativity, replenishment, positive energy, transformation, beginning a new cycle, long life, good luck, changing luck, starting new projects and prosperity. They are a Goddess symbol and are connected to the moon. They are connected to Heket, Isis, Hathor, Ch'ing-Wa Sheng, Aphrodite, Sabazius and Ahriman.

I'd say that has a lot to do with moving and starting over our household from scratch wouldn't it? Hehe. Sometimes you get a message and you're like, DUH! I already knew that. But thanks for giving me a sign that I'm on the right path. 

So while I was offline I shot a few pictures. These are mostly taken in my living room.

My goofy other half.

This was before we bought our bed. Sleeping on an air mattress when it has a slow leak sucks!

Laughing with daddy.

Baby man is so cute

Silly girl. She had no chance of turning out normal in this family. lol

He never smiles!

Awe mom put the camera away!

Sleepy time with sissy.

We went to the library and they colored these pictures.

PJ's and sleepers are a great fashion statement. lol


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