Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exercise to learn how to manipulate energy

When I was first learning how to control energy my husband and I did this exercise. It really helped me in the beginning and I thought it might be good to pass the info along. You'll need a friend to help you. Hopefully this friend is already proficient in energy manipulation. If not that's OK, but don't get discouraged if neither of you feel the energy at first.

Sit facing your partner. Put your hands in front of you with your right palm up, and your left palm down. Your partner should put their palms an inch above your own. At this time you'll both need to ground. It may help at this point to close your eyes. Focus on your whole body and imagine an energy field around yourself. Begin with your feet, which should be grounded and magically connected to the earth. Feel the energy coming up through your feet, into your legs, torso, through your arms and into your hands. Now allow your hands to push out through your palms. (Note: some people have more success pushing out through your fingertips). You and your partner may feel your hands or whole body warm and tingle.

Once you've mastered sending the energy allow your right hand to continue sending energy, and with your left accept your partners energy. You can do this by focusing on your left hand, stop sending energy and feel the push of your partners energy. When you consciously accept the energy you should feel the flow coming into you. Feel this flow into you. At this point it may be possible to sense what your partner is feeling or thinking because you now have a psychic link with your partner.

At first you may just feel like a fool. I know I did! But keep at it. This exercise was certainly helpful for me and I hope it is for you as well.

I hope I've explained this method well. Much of it is just sensing the energy, which I really can't explain how to do well other than using your senses and feeling the heat and tingling. If you have questions please ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. 

For my other experienced energy manipulators, in what ways did you learn to control energy?


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