Monday, July 9, 2012

Weather Magick

I always hesitate to talk about this next personal story because I am afraid people will want to throw me in the loony bin when I tell it. Even some Pagans have given me funny looks after I tell them. You know the indulgent child, "yes honey you just saw a fairy next to the pond" type look parents sometimes get? Yeah well its not so cute when they do it to an adult.

In 1994 my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had been a secret smoker for years. Secret only because his bitch of a wife always complained and threw his cigars away any time she found them. She's not a bitch just for that btw. Lots of other reasons!

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Anyway, I was there to visit Grandpa and my brother who happened to be living with our grandparents at the time. My grandfather had asked us to walk to the store a few blocks away and buy him coffee (another thing limited in the household) and a cigar. He felt that if he was going to die, he might as well die happy. My brother and I agreed and we took off on foot for the local store.

Halfway there and it begins raining pretty steadily. My brother is the type of person to complain about the least little inconvenience. He wanted to go back. I kept pushing forward to make our grandfather happy. I finally got fed up with his complaints and screamed, "I storm command you to stop." At the time I half jokingly did it. I felt like Storm from the X-men commanding the winds and rain.  No one was laughing though when a few short moments later, the downpour stopped completely. You know how rains downpour, then lighten and then eventually stop? There was no light period. One moment it was raining hard, the next it just stopped.

This is another example of how our uncontrolled energy (or high emotion) can affect the natural energy around us. I was young at the time, and was just embarking on my Pagan path so didn't quite understand how I did it at the time. The weather has its natural flow. To disrupt that flow I think is a bad idea. Though once in awhile I think Mother nature needs our help. Like now, I'd love to do a little rain dance and cool things off!  

When you were a child, did you perform any magickal works without realizing it?


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