Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Importance of Grounding during Magickal works

Grounding is connecting yourself to the Earth before beginning any magickal works. Its important to ground yourself first because you're more in control of your energy and you'll have better focus. I remember my first Pagan circle I attended. I had no idea what grounding meant and no one told me to do it. So when we began to build up energy I felt like I could literally just float away. It was an awesome feeling, but you do not want to be out of control while doing magick.
To ground, all you really need to do is connect with Mother Earth. I  imagine my feet as roots of a tree. The deeper I can imagine my roots going into the Earth the more grounded, focused and in control I am.

For those who read this who practice the craft, what ways do you ground yourself?


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