Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friendship Means the World to Me.

It's not often that I'm an emotional person. I am anti-social, have very little friendships in the real world and stick to myself. I do this because experience has taught me that if you give people the opportunity to harm you, they will. That may seem a little harsh to you, but it's the truth.

I'll Put it this way. One of my first lessons in life was when my own grandfather (Who was also our landlord) kicked us out of the house and made us homeless. We lived by camping in the back yard of what use to be our home. It was the fall, and I can remember stealing corn out of a neighbors field to eat. My mothers boyfriend gave my brother his only pair of boots just so my brother could go to school. We spent several months camping out there all huddled together under a blanket for warmth until enough money could be saved that my mother could buy a  trailer and move it to a run down, cheap, and very dirty trailer park. To others, it was the lowest of low living. To us, it was salvation.

We would live in that trailer park, with raw sewage running down the side of our trailer, until I was 12 years old. We moved to Kentucky where my uncle lived and eventually would find an old house with a lot of history. But that's getting away from what I want to talk about. My point is that, people aren't nice. In my experience, people don't make "real" friends. They may be friends for a time but there's usually a barter involved.

I may be disillusioned and pessimistic when it comes to friendship, but that is why when someone does something for me without asking anything in return I get very emotional. The other day was just such a day.

Thank YOU!
I've talked about our struggles once our family moved back to Ohio. I've talked about how we finally have our own apartment after living with my MIL for more than a year. Another fellow witch, who shall remain nameless since I don't have her permission to post it, sent me a wonderful housewarming gift. At first one small package arrived. It's a book I've been wanting to read. That gift itself is wonderful and really all I could ask for. However this dear friend wasn't done. Another larger package arrived the next day. In it was even more books, a hand bag, incense, and lots of other things I can best describe as love. In reality, love isn't the material things you buy. However when you've gone without kindness and material things your whole life, a small gesture such as this is amazing.

Some people say your online friends are not your "real" friends. I beg to differ. My real friends may be hundreds of miles away from me, but I feel their love all the same.  

Blessings, Love, and Light my dear friend.



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