Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Understanding Visions

Visions are one of those experiences that if you've had one you understand how much of a gift it is to receive one. If you've never had a vision then you're left wondering what the big deal is, and if persons who do have them are possibly mentally ill.

I can't vouch for the mental illness, but I have had a couple of visions. The one that was the most vivid is a vision of a past life of mine. I know now that I needed to see it before I could fully embrace my spiritual path. That's the deal with visions. If you don't need to have one, but want and actively seek to have one, you're likely never to experience it.

I've only had visions when there is something I needed to learn from them. Whether to experience one is decided by spirits, the Lord and Lady or the fates, I don't know. I do know that they are real and in my case life altering.

It was at a Samhain festival hosted by the Circle of the Blue Moon. They do an annual Samhain festival and a friend of mine is the High Priestess of that coven. Every year her festivals have a theme and several fun activities. One of the activities was a play. So we all gather around a makeshift stage. ( Btw, sitting on the ground in late October sucks! Only downside to outdoor Samhain festivals. lol)

As I was watching the play unfold I soon slipped into a trance. I no longer saw the actors in the play, but the real people in this historical event, and I was one of them. I also know the High priestess was one of them too. The whole thing brought me to tears because I was witnessing my death by suicide in a past life. Our coven/family was about to be lynched by a mob. Instead of allowing that to happen, we chose to die by walking to the sea. I could taste the brine and dirt of the water as I watched my vision unfold. 

I needed this vision to show me that I was on the right path before. I was good at what we did. It wasn't evil or wrong. I helped others and enjoyed my life. This is all I've ever wanted to do.

My advice for those who truly are trying to seek visions is to just continue with your Pagan studies. Especially make sure you are meditating often if not every day and just don't stress about it. Visions will come if you need one. 


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