Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Samhain Spell

First, let it be known I do not normally share ritual spells. To my pagan friends, you may draw inspiration from this post to create your own with my blessings. 

 A call to deities: 
Lord & Lady, your sister witch calls. A Samhain song, the harvest has come.
We call to the ancestors to join us now as we prepare for winter and give our thanks. 

A call to your ancestors: Think of your ancestors personality. What trait would they likely to bring to your circle? 

{Ancestors name} Granny Pence. A woman so kind. May your presence give us compassion. 
{2nd ancestors name} Grandfather Smith. A man I adore. May your presence give us strength. 
{3rd ancestors name} Granny Carpenter. A woman steadfast. May your presence give us loyalty. 
{4th ancestors name} Father Smith. May your presence give us peace. 

Samhain is a time for the harvest. When the years labor comes to an end and we reap what we sow. Yet in endings there are always beginnings. At this time may each of us put aside the pain of life, and rejoice in the celebration of our ancestors. We give thanks for their life. For without those before us, we could not be. 

We honor the Lord & Lady this night. Without them, nothing would be.
May we go forth with compassion, strength, loyalty, and peace. 

So mote it be. 


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