Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm a Child of a Salem Witch

I don't remember if I've explained my user name on my blog before or if I've discussed my ancestry. However I had a question in my email that is actually pretty common. This person wanted to know the best places to visit in Salem, Mass. Because my name is SalemWitchChild people automatically assume I live or have at least visited Salem, Massachusetts. I haven't! Though one of my life goals one day is to visit, I have never had the pleasure of visiting. FYI, if and when I visit Salem, the first place I'm going is the museum there. *wink*

I use to go by the name White Feathers online. It's my tribal name however it was no longer really fitting my spirituality. I was slowly moving away from Native American shamanism and incorporating Wiccan beliefs into my life at the time. I went through a period in my life where I ignored my "white" ancestry and wanted to connect to my native heritage. I realized I was living an unbalanced life and it wasn't healthy to ignore a whole generation of ancestry and tradition.

At the same time I was feeling I needed to delve into another path, I started to research my ancestry. My grandmother had most of my work done for me. My great grandmothers family tree traced back to early 1500's England. In the family tree I recognized that an ancestor had lived close to and died in Salem, Mass during the Salem Witch Trials. I did more digging and sure enough, one of my ancestors was hung as a Salem witch. Therefore, I am a child of a Salem witch and my new Internet ID was born.

 Susannah North Martin lived in Amesbury Mass,. She was married to George Martin. At the time of her death she was a widow and was hanged July 19th, 1692. She is my 10th generation great grandmother. Over the years I would connect with her spirit and research more of her life and death. In a way she helped me embrace the part of me I at one time wanted no part of and ignored completely. 

So, back to my original intent of this post, while I'd love to visit or even live in the New England states for a time, I have never been there. Maybe one day though. ;)


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