Friday, October 5, 2012


For the past few days I've had odd thoughts but not enough to blog about. So here is a mix mash of those thoughts.

First of all, I think any parent knows the frustration of not being able to get close to your DH/ SO without a child getting in the middle. This was especially true the other night, when Wyatt knew exactly the most inopportune time to wake up. So put the first notch under frustrated witch.

Then we ran out of soda.  I normally drink cherry 7up which is caffeine free (because I breastfeed I no longer drink caffeinated drinks on a daily basis) but I have got to have a bit of sugar at least! I use to be a Pepsi drinker. Dh and I would go through 4 liters of Pepsi daily. I stole one of DH's 24oz Pepsi's because I ran out of mine, only for him to take the very last one to work yesterday. Put a second notch under frustrated and getting even more mad witch. The more the day went the more I got mad. Especially when DS dumped my crappy lemonade all over the floor. Enter 3rd most irritating part of my day, because other than water that was the last thing to drink in the household. And I don't drink tap water.

I thought today would get even worse when a truancy officer showed up at my door today. Not to worry though, he was here looking for a different family. I wonder though if he read my note on the door saying to knock loudly because we home school. Technically it's K12, but same diff.

After all those gray spots in my week. Something wonderful happened. A neighbor bought too much food she couldn't fit in the freezer so she gave us some fresh veggies and some microwavable dinners. This is greatly needed since our pantry is looking bare and still a couple more days till I'm able to buy food. It never ceases to amaze me when people give to others without expectation of compensation. In my world, good deeds are almost never free. So I'm thankful to this woman and to the Lord and Lady for looking over us.

Ok I know all that doesn't make for a very cohesive post, but I warned you it was ramblings.

Blessings, Love and Light.


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Blessed Be,