Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mirror Magick

Mirror magick is probably one of the easiest and versatile forms of magick. I rank it right up there with candle magick as an easy go-to method.

One of my earliest experiences using magickal mirrors was to increase my self-esteem. This method always reminds me of the evil witch saying, "Mirror mirror on the wall..." I was always bullied in school and never felt beautiful. Ever the good witch, instead of cursing the more beautiful girls of my acquaintance, I stood in front of my mirror and asked it to reveal the beauty within. As I stared at myself I took stock of my appearance and noticed the things I love about myself - both physical and non-physical attributes. Over time my self-image became healthier.

Another reason to use mirrors is when you wish to reflect a persons energy. This works best if you work in an office setting and is especially handy in the work place when other metaphysical items may be questioned by your co-workers. No one ever questions a small mirror on your desk.
The night before bringing it to your work place, charge it with the task of reflecting negative and chaotic energy. Just place it on your desk and let it do its job. Recharge it once a month during the full moon. If you do not work in an office setting, try carrying a small mirror in your pocket or purse.

Scrying is probably the most well known magickal use for a mirror. I've never been into using a scrying mirror, but my husband made one several years ago and it remained in our altar room for a long time; until we moved. Scrying mirors have a black reflective surface and are used as a divination device. 

Do you use mirror magick? For what purpose?


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