Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Art of Writing Spells

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When a new witch comes to me and asks for a spell to be given to them, I usually tell them no. It's not that I am being mean.  It's just that if someone writes the spell for you then you never learn to do for yourself. The best spells are the ones you've put your heart and soul into writing. I can't do that for you.

Nevertheless, I remember when I was a young witch and the thought of writing a spell is daunting. That's why there are plenty of examples online. I don't feel the need to add even more examples into the Internet ether. I'm sure there's enough to teach the basics. But here is a description of my method.

When I write a spell I first ask myself a few questions.
  1. Can I achieve my goal without spell work?
  2. What is the intent of my spell and my likely outcome?
  3. Will I harm myself or others?

If I can answer those three questions clearly and without any negatives, I go ahead and write my spell. 

Then comes the question, what symbolism do I need? Do I want to call upon any Gods? What time of the month is best to perform this rite? Do I need herbs, oils, incense, etc...

I'm very much a "Do what feels right", kind of person. I don't believe doing a spell during the "wrong time" of month will ruin your spell. It may not have as much power as possible, but it won't ruin it.

Calling upon specific Gods or Goddesses is something I do once in awhile - usually when working alone. Most of the time, because I work with my DH, I keep the terminology to just "Lord & Lady". I don't name God(dess) often since he is not Wiccan. Dh leans toward a more Native American Shamanic path. When you are blending two methods together you both have to compromise. Other times, I find that calling upon a power of an animal works better than calling upon a God.

Sage is always on my altar. It's used to cleanse my space. Depending on my purpose I may have other herbs. Incense I usually reserve for meditation or during readings. It's my way to focus.

I admit, I don't always anoint my candles. Yes, bad me. But if you don't have oil handy, you can anoint with salt water. :)

I think the most popular question from a newbie witch is, "Does it need to Rhyme?" Here's the thing, it doesn't need to, but I believe it works better if it does. That's because when you are performing your ritual that rhymes, it flows better. If you are stumbling over words you are going to loose your focus. If you choose to perform a ritual without rhyming, just make sure you won't be stumbling over the ritual when you perform it. 

Do you share your spell work with others? Why or why not?


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