Sunday, April 28, 2013

Muslim & Pagan Women Sharing a Common Bond - Spiritual Veiling.

Today Cafemom has a post about American Muslim women, and how they are not brainwashed when they convert to Islam and choose to wear a hijab. Not many people realize that other religions believe in covering as well; including some Pagans who worship Hestia, a Greek virgin Goddess often depicted with a veil. 

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Covered in Light is a collaboration of bloggers who veil for religious reasons. Just like American Muslim women, they face discrimination based on their veiling practice. Many are mistaken for Muslim women. Most face people who assume because they are veiled they are abused or subjugated by their husband. 

This is of course untrue. As the writer of the Cafemom article pointed out, these women are making a choice to cover. They are not forced to do anything they do not want to do. Abusive men are in every religion and is not dependent upon the clothing women wear.

There has been one or two times where I wore a shaw over my head while doing a ritual privately. I can certainly understand how covering ones head can bring your mind into a state of spiritual focus - much like wearing a cloak performs the same function.

Have you ever veiled for religious reasons? 


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