Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WishCasting Wednesday: Tending Spirituality

Jamie Ridler asks, What do we wish to tend?

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Some people explain Paganism as something they "Live and breath". It's a lifestyle, not something they "do". I disagree to a point. I think it is both something they do and something they are. I understand what they mean when they say it's apart of them; not just an activity. What we do comes from the soul. These daily activities are the way we "tend to our spirituality".

Tending Spirituality

I've been searching for a Pagan topic to write about and coming up blank all week. I have a working post about Mirror magick, but it wasn't inspiring me. What is inspiring me is the need to tend to my spiritual nature. It's the part of me that has a need to pass on knowledge to others, both family and to you dear readers. It is a need to write/teach about Eclectic Wicca. 

So you can help me out now.

  • What topics would you like to see more info on?

  • What topic do you think is largely ignored by the Pagan community? 

Later today I am doing a psychic reading and healing for a friend. I don't normally do readings because they are exhausting and honestly, readings are not something I'm big on. I like to get one for myself once or twice a year. I just think readings can and often do become a craving. I've had a few bad experiences where I've done readings and the client kept coming back not out of need but because they craved more. No one needs a reading once a week (or more). When refused I was insulted. So that is why I don't often do them. Yet I do think giving a reading is a part of tending to my spirituality. Each time I do one I gain more confidence in myself. That is an awesome feeling. 

Another way I wish to tend to my spirituality is to pass on knowledge to my daughter. As she's growing older she is more curious about Wicca. She loves when I do a ritual and involve her. Though she's still a bit shy about working in a group. Last week a girl attacked her. Being a hot headed witchy mama, I had to take a step back before I did something stupid. I may have spouted a few witchy jokes in regards to toad children. (grin). In the end I chose to make my daughter a spiritual pouch with several crystals for protection. She's proudly wearing her crystals and it's given her some new confidence in herself as well. Yay. :) 

So what is it you wish to tend?


Your comments encourage me to keep writing! Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

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