Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now that the madness is over, were in clean up mode here. Do you take your tree down today? Or leave it for the New Year? Dh just took it down for me and is putting it away as I type. Yay hubby! He may not get too involved in putting it up, but I can usually count on him taking it down.

Speaking of the New Year, what are your plans? I'm afraid I'm going to be boring and say there isn't any plans for me. We don't even drink alcohol that often. I learned my lesson when I was younger that a lot of alcohol and my stomach doesn't like to mix. Somewhere out there is an apartment with carpet stained with the evidence of my unruly stomach. lol. I was drinking vodka & OJ that year. Love screwdrivers. But too much plus a heavy meal earlier in the day just wasn't wise. And I ended up walking to the store to get more alcohol when midnight hit. So I wasn't even there to kiss my man. Bummer. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the store. But someone else who I don't even remember the name of convinced me to go.

Does anyone have ideas for a non-alcoholic way to celebrate the New Year?


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