Monday, December 5, 2011

The Tree

We haven't put up a tree in many  years. The last year was when my cat almost hung himself. If not for my mother being there I would have come home to a dead cat. After that I just couldn't take the chance of him killing himself.

When we moved I threw away most of our stuff. My tree was apart of that. Though I think my mother saved some of my decorations. MIL offered for us to use her tree which has been sitting in her closet for many years. When her mother died she inherited the tree and decorations. She's never put it up before. These decorations are very old and some are hand made. So I'd just like to share some pictures.

Wyatt earlier today. He's pulling up on stuff and got his first boo boo right under his eye.

His first time seeing lights. I think if he could talk, he'd say WTF! lol

While rummaging in the closet to find the decorations Lance found his childhood friend. Meet "Wrench".

It's becoming clear why DH is a little weird. lol He spent his childhood playing with his monkey wrench. lol

The tree

Hand made Angel topper.

An elf

Hand made Santa

Sierra after all her hard work.


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