Saturday, December 17, 2011

Past Lives

One of the Youtube channels I follow is a lovely witchy lady named Kara. She's recently talked about Past lives, and since my reply is longer than Youtube allows I'm going to reply to her topic here.

Kara has a lot of good questions. Has our media influenced our minds to believe we've lived in another life? Can a fetus be influenced in utero? How fast would a spirit choose to reincarnate? Is time linear in spirit? Or is our perception of time in spirit different? Does our genetics have some influence on our memories?

These are all good questions. I replied to Kara saying,

I really don't think that TV has a whole lot to do with it. That connection goes beyond just a general interest or exposure to media. As far as reincarnating, I don't believe it would happen right after death. We need time to review our life. To decide what went right/wrong, what our goals are for the next life, and when and with who those goals are going to be accomplished.

And Kara replied,

@salemwitchchild Perhaps time isn't linear in our understanding of it while in physical being. Time in spirit form could be all at once. Our collective understanding of all there is could be instant and unlimited in that instance. Honestly, I think more that all that is is exactly what we think it to be for ourselves. Perhaps there is not one ultimate reality experience truth for everyone.

Well Kara, you have some interesting points. All I can say is what I believe and my own experiences. I've had a few visions in the past. The strongest and one I feel bone deep was me in a past life was when I was a witch previously. My "Sisters" and I were being chased by villager's that wanted to burn us alive. We understandably wasn't keen on the idea. So we chose our death in the sea. Hand in hand, we escaped to the shores and drowned ourselves. Which could be why I've never been able to learn how to swim. I've always been fearful of water over my head. And you cannot get me to eat fish even if I'm starving. All I taste is dirty water.

Infanta Margarita Teresa by Diego Velazquez. 1653
Another life I believe I had was a reoccurring dream. I haven't had it in years, but as a child it was almost nightly that I dreamed of being a girl in approximately the 1700's. My family must have been well off. My surroundings was a two story home and I was in a circular room overlooking the banks of what I believe was somewhere in Maine. I was maybe 7 or 8 in the dream and dressed in a very pretty dress. I remember feeling like a queen and was very happy. I danced in the circular room feeling my dress flow around me. To the right here I have found a picture that is approximately what I saw. Though the dress in my dream was not as wide. And it was somewhat more plain. I don't believe it had any kind of adornment on top.

The only other past life I suspect is true, is me being a Priestess of Isis in Egypt. Which is why I am so close to Isis now. I've had this one come up in Psychic readings. Whenever a reading mentions this I'm really not surprised. (It's came up several times by different readers).

So is time linear or not in spirit? I suppose it doesn't have to be. Or maybe it is linear and our spirit can choose to come back quickly. There are exceptions to every rule after all. If a spirit was in a hurry to reincarnate so they don't miss a certain era, then perhaps they don't need to take the usual time I believe most spirits take.

Now for the question of genetic memory. I'm pretty sure I'm not Egyptian. I know most of my family comes from Europe, Scotland, and Ireland. That could explain the little girl in the beautiful European dress, and the life during the Inquisition. But it doesn't explain my life as a Priestess of Isis. I've never really believed this theory to be true. 

So my lovely readers, what is truth for you? Do you believe in past lives? Care to answer the questions above and share your experiences?


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