Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Holidays

I don't often write in my Book of Shadows. Truth be told I rarely use it. But once in awhile I write down poems, bits of information, and on the rare occasion a ritual. I do always write my rituals down, but they end up being burned most of the time so they can never be used again.

After I write, I usually end up looking at past entries. This one caught my eye not because it's all that important or particularly good (It's not really), but because it reminds me of better times. I'm not all that cheerful this year, but when I wrote this I was very cheerful and it made me feel a little better.

The Holidays

Ah what a joyous day to be me,
The crisp winter air sinks down into your bones,
and soon the air will be filled with families singing a Christmas song.

To be a witch at this time is a gift.
A time to reflect, a time to relax,
A time to enjoy the gift we call family.

Now our belly's are full and we break out the tree,
Go shopping to buy that perfect gift for thee.

Oh how wonderful it is to be me.
A time to be a kid again,
The perfect medicine for an aged soul such as me.

Happy Holidays



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