Monday, December 19, 2011

Greetings, Love, and Light

So were getting down to the wire for Christmas/Yule. Man it doesn't seem like this year should almost be over. Wasn't it just yesterday I was a big pregnant whale eagerly awaiting our son? And now our son is 7 months old! He's getting big and doing new things everyday. He's such a precious little man. I couldn't be prouder!

This weekend I did a little bit more crochet work. I decided to get festive because honestly I'm not all that cheerful this year. I thought maybe it would help me get into the holiday mood. Plus it helps me learn more about crochet. Double bonus!

Santa showing off my crochet candy cane.
Here is Santa modeling my crocheted candy cane. Out of my huge stash of yarn I somehow do not have a good bright red. So I had to improvise and use a maroon. That's OK, after all they do make many different kinds of candy canes. It isn't perfect but it adds character! Somehow I got it turned wrong. Not sure where, but that's OK. I still like it. :) 

Crochet Candy Cane Tutorial 

Here is my wreath. I had this lovely festive yarn I just had to do something with. Isn't it pretty? I've also been working on a baby blanket for a very dear friend of mine. She just gave birth to her baby girl on the 14th. Congrats to BabyElephant! She is from the U.K. We are both members of the same dog forum. This year she sent me a lot of things for my son, so as a thank you, I'm making her a beautiful blue and white shell blanket. Though it's taking forever! The child might be out of diapers by the time I'm done. Thankfully I also have a back up. I've promised her my Moby wrap since I don't use it anymore.

Crochet Holiday Wreath

Well that pretty much wraps up my weekend. Speaking of wrapping, do you have those presents wrapped yet? Our daughter saw the tape left out on the counter and just knew I'd been wrapping presents. Do you put your wrapped presents under the tree? We do not because our daughter would forever be asking to "unwrap just one" every single day. So the presents get wrapped and hidden until the big day. 


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