Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crafting for My Family

Hello my friends! It's been a few days since I've wrote or even read a blog. (I'm sorry to those that I normally read!)
But I've been on a crochet binge, and it's not quite done. I thought I'd take a little break to show you what I've completed thus far.

First of all, If you are not a member of your local Freecycle, become one! Over the years you'd be amazed at what is just given away. A few days ago I posted asking for crochet supplies and I've now got a HUGE box of yarn. Yippee! For someone in my financial position I'd never be able to buy that much yarn, so I thank the crafting gods for helping me find the right person to be so giving. So one of the first projects I knew I wanted to do is make a baby blanket. I sewed my daughter a blanket when she was little, and since my sewing supplies currently reside in Kentucky with my mother, I couldn't do the same for Wyatt. But now Wyatt has his own crocheted blanket, and I think it turned out fabulous. Though it is on the small side. I am not done with it, I originally intended to keep adding to the border to make it bigger. But see that yellow yarn? I've used it all! I'll have to wait till I can get more.

Wyatt modeling my Freecycle Stash

And then I decided, if I can't do one project I might as well work on another. Hectanooga1 on Youtube has a Chunky Style hat tutorial that I followed (for the most part). Because Wyatt isn't a newborn and because he has a huge head, I had to add extra increases to make it fit. Isn't he adorable in his red and white hat?

Wyatt's Blanket. Not quite done with the border
My husband liked it so much that I offered to make his brother's son one too. Brother-in-Law's son should be born within the next month. I hope I've got the size right.

I know she's carrying small so I don't think she'll have as big of a baby as Wyatt was as a newborn.
Wyatt's hat

Now my daughter wants a hat. I attempted to make one last night, but I'm not ready to share it yet. Not sure if that one is going to turn out right or not.

So there you have it. What do you think? And what have you been up to? Anything crafty??

Sierra's Hair Scrunchie
Newborn Hat for BIL


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