Friday, December 30, 2011

PBP: Out with the Old & Crafty show and tell

PBP has a new prompt. Are you making Resolutions or Life Changes now?

Years ago I use to make New Years Resolutions, and you know what, I never stuck to them. I think all women have done the "I'll loose weight" resolution. One year I resolved to limit my use of "LOL" because I tend to over use it on forums; and I still use it too often. I'm still overweight.

So, finally I just made a resolution to never make another resolution. Guess what? I've kept that resolution ever since! Yay lol. My point is that if something about me needs changing, I'll do it regardless of what time of year it is. If it wasn't so important the rest of the year, it's not on New Years either.

So what are your New Years resolutions?

Now on to my Crafty Show and Tell.

I think I'm getting the hang of crochet. I'm comfortable doing single, double, and triple crochet. I can do the shell stitch and the Afghan stitch. This week I've learned an important lesson though, ALWAYS count my stitches.

I began some slippers for me. I was so proud of my pink and blue slipper. Then I realized that I needed to do it again! I have two feet after all. So I began again, but oops I forgot how many increases I did. So I did what I thought was right.. WRONG. My second slipper ended up being different from the first. It still fit, it just wasn't a match.

So I began again making my daughter a pair of slippers. This time I was smart. I wrote down what I did on every round.

Here's what I ended up with. I warned Sierra that I didn't have enough yarn for two, but she didn't listen to me. So the second has a slightly different yarn which is why the back looks faded.

And now the second lesson. Use the right size hook! I used a slightly larger hook than the tutorial called for because I couldn't find my smallest hook. So my first bootie ended up being several sizes too big. I had to start over using the right sized hook.

 So here is Wyatt's booties. Still slightly bigger but he will grow into them quickly. Aren't they adorable?!

The big bootie ended up being a great candy boot.


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