Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Be Careful What You Witch For

So today I was thinking about an old spell I did and I thought it would be a good lesson to blog about. I am a healer and so it hurts me when I see those that I am closest to in pain. My husband is Bipolar as well as having various physical ailments. Several years ago I had the bright idea (I.E. stupid idea) to cast a spell helping to carry his burden of pain when it became too much for him. So I set my alter up, had my various healing herbs and candles and cast my spell. What followed was nothing. Or so I thought it was just another dud spell that didn't work the way I intended it to. Hey it happens to us all.

I worded my spell so that when my DH felt too overwhelmed and unable to go on that I'd "carry the burden". Meaning I'd feel his pain. I knew it probably wasn't the greatest idea I had, but just getting rid of his pain wasn't working. DH was convinced that the pain isn't suppose to go away and he's somehow meant to suffer. So I was desperate to help.

Over the weeks nothing happened and all was relatively normal. Then I noticed I began to get a little depressed. It was only for an hour or two and also coincided with DH first saying his head was too much, and then his moods leveling out and he'd mention he felt almost normal. During this time I'd become depressed, mad, and downright crazy. I didn't connect the two (Honestly I forgot about the spell by this time) till DH and I had our one and only fight that almost broke us up. Then I finally connected the dots I could see how subtle the spell was and how well it actually worked.

After explaining to my husband about the spell and why my head went a bit freaky, he insisted I reverse the spell and never do healing work for him again. I broke my cardinal rule. Never attempt a healing without permission, and never keep anyone's pain.   

But if I had it all to do over again, I'd repeat my mistakes. Yes it almost cost me my marriage and made me seriously insane for awhile. But it also taught me a lot about energy healing and about what my husband feels every single day. I have more patience and empathy for him now that I know what it means when he says he's angry for no reason. That was a foreign concept to me before the spell.

So my lesson for today. Don't be afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn something from them. And its probably not a good idea to forget you cast for something, even if you think it didn't work. A week, or a month, or even a year later you might be pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) surprised.


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