Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tough Love Parenting

So the latest viral video is this father who found a Facebook post written by his daughter. In it she disrespects her family. As a parent I have to say, Bravo Dad. Though I do disagree a bit with her punishment.

Take a look at the video.

I consider myself a strict parent. Just because your a minor doesn't mean you get to sit on your bottom watching TV, playing with your friends, and eating my food without helping out around the home. In essence, I practice NILF (Nothing In Life is Free). If your a dog trainer you can appreciate that I stole that from dog training methods! lol.

But though children aren't dogs, the basic principle is the same. Children need a job too. Their job is to go to school and help around the home. I'm not talking about making children our slaves. But a few chores teaches them to appreciate what is given to them and a sense of pride in what they accomplish.

I was also raised not to waste resources. So this is where I disagree with Mr. Jordan. At the end of the video he puts several bullets into his daughters lap top. While I can appreciate the message he's trying to send his daughter, I think that could have been accomplished more effectively by making her give her laptop to someone else more deserving or having her sell her laptop and giving the proceeds to charity. Her physically giving away her possession teaches her that if she's going to abuse her privileges then this is the consequence. I know he teaches that by destroying the laptop too, but at least my way someone more deserving can use the laptop. At least there is a higher purpose if something good can come out of something bad.

This also brings up another point about social media. I just don't allow it! My daughter is only 10, so technically she's not suppose to have a Facebook account. Though plenty of her peers already do. We allow Sierra to play FB games on our account, but she isn't allowed an account of her own, and she won't anytime soon. She also isn't allowed an iPad, cell phone, etc... My belief is if she can't buy it herself, she can't have it. Those things are to wait when she is supporting herself. We rely too much on being connected to media outlets, and I don't think that is always a good thing for our youth.

Are you a strict parent? Do you agree with what this father did?


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