Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vagina On My Car Please

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I think we've all noticed many cars with the fish symbol on the back of cars. Its a well known Christian symbol. However like most symbols, its meaning has changed over the years. All symbols seem to be adapted to other uses over time. Usually there's nothing wrong with that.

Christians today use the Ichthys or fish symbol as a sign that the follower has been baptized in the waters of Christs love. However like most other Christian symbols, it has a Pagan origin.

I must admit, till today I didn't know this. We learn something new every day don't we! Nothing wrong with that. So this post is as much a learning experience to me as I hope my readers will learn something as well.

Today I found an intriguing article called Six Famous Symbols That Don't Mean What you Think. 

The Ichthys is actually an ancient fertility symbol of a vagina. I never made the connection till I read that, but I just had to laugh that all these people have a vagina symbol on their car. (Admit it, its pretty funny). I'll never look at the fish symbol the same way again.

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 Atargatis is an ancient Syrian goddess most closely associated with the Ichthys. Her physical form is a mermaid, and her sacred animal is the fish. She is a great mother goddess of fertility, earth and water. Atargatis' worship spread throughout Rome and Greece, so like so many other Goddesses with different names, Atargatis and Aphrodite have been closely linked.

What is something new you've learned recently?

To learn more here's some interesting reading: 


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