Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tradition Limits Creativity & Spiritual Growth

Experiment with new ideas and rituals to open yourself to new possibilities.

One of the reasons I am Eclectic Wiccan is because I don't like to limit myself. I feel too boxed in when someone says I must do something a certain way. That just challenges me to prove them wrong.

When I began learning how to meditate I thought I had to "quiet my mind". That's what the meditation Guru's say isn't it? But what exactly does quiet your mind mean? If its pure nothingness, I consider that impossible. My mind is constantly full of something. Daily worries, goals I have yet to achieve, or new crafty projects I'd like to attempt. There's always something to think about.

My success with meditation didn't come till I stopped trying to quiet my mind and instead focused my mind and imagination on something else. I learned to create new worlds in my mind to explore. Soon it wasn't just me imagining these new worlds. They took on a life of their own.

My point is that our pre-conceived ideas of what should be limits what could be if we are not open to all possibilities. This is why I am Eclectic, because other paths tell you what you should do and don't give the freedom to experiment. Tradition is well and good, but if its limiting your ability then its not really a tradition that works for you.   

Do you find certain traditions limiting? Or do you prefer the ritual of tradition to keep you on the path? Can you give an example of a tradition you tried to follow but ultimately had better success with your own method?


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