Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keep Candle Magick Simple

Hi Everyone! I know its been a bit since I've wrote. I've noticed there a few more people following my blog so a big wave and hello to them.

Last night I did a little mini spell again. Just a green candle, some herbs that represent change and/or financial gain, and a few simple words. I let my husband write it. I sort of chastised my husband for making it so simple. It went something like... You know what we want, help me!
Not those exact words but you get the point Dh was trying to make.

Do you find that its beneficial to keep rituals simple? Or do you need more elaborate rituals? I like a combination of both. Since I wasn't inspired by words yesterday, I had to let DH come up with it. It seems to have worked. I got a call for Dh today about an application he put in last week. DH was at "work". When I say work I mean the states version of slave labor. He's assigned a job by the state so we receive TANF. The thing is he works basically a full time job for pennies. But that's going off on a completely separate issue.

I took the cell phone and the phone number up to DH so he could call them on his break. So hopefully he will have an interview and possibly a job soon! Though the job is located 2 hrs away. We would have to move, which I don't mind if he gets the job.

I hope this all falls into place. I still have the candle and herbs. When DH comes home I will burn a little bit more of it again to keep the positive energy going.

Another point, when you go to blow out a candle, if it doesn't blow out do you leave it going? I always view that as a sign that it doesn't wish to go out yet and I let it burn. My tools all have a mind of their own sometimes. ;) Yesterday I went to blow the candle out when we were preparing to do the dishes. I was blowing right over top of it and it wouldn't go out, so I just left it alone till later. When it did go out, I was able to blow it out at a distance fairly easily.

In what ways do you keep your craft simple?


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