Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dreamtime Weirdness

These past few days I've had some weird dreams, but they usually don't involve rituals. I woke up to remembering I was chanting in a circle while riding a horse to "expel" a bad spirit within children.

Freeway. My childhood horse. (Medicine Hat Gelding)
Maybe my kids were just getting on my nerves more than usual yesterday? lol I do remember we were in the same place I grew up. I was a child myself in the dream.

I rode a medicine hat (all white with brown or black "hood" on his ears) pony. We were playing in a field when some threat started to come toward us. I remember other riders in my group jumping on their pony's and running away. I started to go with them.

Other kids that had no horse of their own were left and were being attacked by this entity. So I went back to help them. I started riding in a circle around the kids, who had been possessed by this entity, while chanting. Some of the other riders came back and soon we were all riding in a circle and chanting. We had a double circle going so some riders were on the inside circle, I was in the outer ring. I don't remember what we were chanting.

I have no idea what this dream could mean. Perhaps my brain was just bored. lol

Do you believe dreams have meanings? 

If yes, do you believe all dreams have meanings or just some?

What distinguishes between a meaningful dream, and one that has no meaning?


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