Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Ethical Responsibility Of Psychics

So I've been following the Amanda Berry case since our local news broke the story. Now there's another story about Miss Berry's mother, who had visited The Montel Williams show and spoke with Sylvia Brown. The mother was devastated when Sylvia told her that Amanda was dead.

Psychics working with police to solve crimes has always been controversial. Rarely do they actually help. I've wrote before my dislike for popular TV psychics. That's because most of them I believe are frauds. Or at the very least charge exorbitant fees, which I think is unethical.

I'm not against Psychic readings. Let me make that very clear. If a family member is seeking help from a psychic to solve their family's problems, more power to them. A small fee or donation isn't wrong to charge. However psychics have an ethical responsibility to insure their reading does no emotional harm to the client.

To sit there as Mrs Brown did and callously say, "She's dead", well that broke Mrs. Berry's spirit. As a psychic and medium, I find it really appalling this woman was told a lie and died believing it. It makes me question Sylvia Browns "ability" all the more. I've always felt she was a fraud.

Now of course not every psychic is going to be accurate 100% of the time. I get it, sometimes psychics have an off day. That's why they shouldn't be helping solve crimes. These readings have real consequences. If you give a reading and it leads investigators in a totally different direction, the criminal has every chance he/she needs to get away with their crime.

Bottom line is that crimes are solved with facts. Victims are rescued with facts. And parents of victims should not have their hope taken from them. 

Do you believe popular TV psychics such as Sylvia brown have true psychic ability? 


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